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Trump announced the launch of the Truth website on social media


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Il Reality of Social Media

Donald Trump Announcing the creation and launch of a The reality of the new social media. The former President of the United States himself chose the codename, specifying that the new platform “will oppose tyranny of great techniques.” Trump has made extensive use of i social network For communications of various kinds, both during Election campaign, which in the course of his work presidency. Online platforms played an important role in his nomination.

Donald Trump any social media

Donald Trump’s most-used social platforms have been hit by a great deal of importance External pressure And criticism due to the statements of the former US president on various issues. on all news and Allegations related to the Covid-19 epidemic. His posts were accused of spreading False and misleading news It is highly criticized. Twitter e Facebook I have taken steps to delete some of these posts by Trump. The turning point occurred on January 6 withThe attack on the Capitol by his supporters After winning the presidential elections Joe Biden.

Ban on Twitter and Facebook

Regarding the riots, Donald Trump referred to the attackers with this term patriots. His statements regarding the election result and the attack on the Capitol Get him banned from Twitter and Facebook. The protest followed a speech by Trump claiming that his defeat in the November presidential election was due to widespread fraud, a claim rejected by several state courts and election officials. “We live in a world where the Taliban has a huge Twitter presence, and yet your favorite American president has been silenced,” he said at the time, hinting that it would create Competitive social platform.

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Statements on the new social networking sites the truth

“I am happy with the idea of ​​the launch The first truth about the truth social network very soon,” Trump said, explaining that Trump Media Technology Group (Tmtg) was conceived and ‘founded with Mission to give a voice to everyoneEveryone asks me why no one is against the big tech companies? Well, we’ll do that soon! He added that Donald Trump’s social network Truth could give birth to one experimental copy With registration by invitation, already in November. According to a statement issued by Trump group for media and technology The final launch to the public could take place during the first three months of next year.

I support a possible new candidacy

It seems that the group from which you will head the Truth Platform is also ready to create a file Video subscription service, with a series of Entertainment programs, podcasts, etc.. The creation of this new social media can support one premise Donald Trump’s new candidacy for the next US presidential election in 2024. project follows flop From the “From the Desk of Donald J. Trump” blog, an attempt by the former US president to channels supporters after his Twitter and Facebook accounts were blocked. However, the site was launched and closed last May, with less than a month old, only lack of participation.

“Opposition to Big Business”

“The mission of the Trump Media and Technology Group is to create a competitor to the liberal media consortium as well Fighting “Big Tech” Companies in Silicon Valley, who used them unilateral force “To silence offending rumors in America,” the official website said, the company plans to end Compete with AWS and Google Cloud from Although the beta release is expected later this month, there is no word on whether the new company actually has one. working platform. Truth social media site is currently just a page from Register on the waiting list. On the homepage, New Social is presented as an “American social media platform that encourages open, free and honest global dialogue without discrimination against political ideology.” Waiting for new apps, the app is already available for pre-order on the App Store.

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