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Trieste, center shooting: A shooting erupted near a bar, injuring 8 people, one of whom was seriously injured.

Trieste, center shooting: A shooting erupted near a bar, injuring 8 people, one of whom was seriously injured.

Shooting in the center a Trieste. Some Firing – At least ten – Shot on Saturday 4 September 8 Near a bar via Corcochi in the corner via San Francisco. Eight people were injured and the condition of one of them is critical. Investigators define the story of evolution: in the meantime, when some people leave the city, along with two others, they are stopped. Identification work is currently underway. There will also be a riot at the Lizard barrier where those in charge tried to escape.

According to news agencies, groups involved in the conflict have also carried out attacks Bars. After that, someone drew their guns and fired some shots. From the first testimony reported by Aki, it may have been a group of workers of foreign descent related to disagreements. Business matters: Rumors speak for themselves Penalty journey. The area was closed by police: police, carabiners, financial police and, apparently, rescue troops with 118 ambulances intervened at the scene. The investigation was coordinated by on-duty lawyer Sierra de Grossi.

“I felt a lot of confusion, but at first I did not understand what was going on. People were chasing each other. It seemed like a game between them. Then I saw someone fainting on the floor and realized what was going on. This is a description of a local bartender. “I have been working here for 33 years and I have never seen such a violent scene,” he added.

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