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Trentino companies 63% of the required numbers are missing: out of 11,000 job offers, more than 4,300 are related to tourism – Economy


Trento. I am Trentino companies looked for 11,660 workers in June1,470 more than the same period in 2023. The 14.4 percent increase from the survey shows Carpentrymade by Unioncamere On a monthly basis which provides forecasts regarding the demand for professional numbers requested by companies. With the beginning of summer Those working in catering activities are among the most in-demand professionals (4,390 units)But it’s hard to find: More than 63 percent of planned hires are at risk of not succeeding.

Cleaning service workers follow (2,070 units) and sales (850 units), with sourcing difficulty at 53 percent for the former and 48 percent for the latter. Using figures that involve some type of seasonal work, such as tourism, it turns out that only one employee in 10 is “sedentary”, that is, with a permanent contract or apprenticeship.

Among other numbers sought by companies in the region are: The absence of more than 1,700 specialized workers and factory operators, 1,000 managers, specialists, and technicians, as well as 2,200 “general” profiles..

Regarding the required school training, almost half of staff searches include people with professional qualifications or a diploma (here also the emphasis is on tourism), and up to 23 percent hold only a compulsory school certificate. A high school diploma (23%) and certification (6%) matter to less than one professional figure in three, and finally, the survey shows that job demand concerns a 24 percent share of young people under 30 and a share of one. Equivalent to 19 percent, companies plan to hire immigrant employees.

Meanwhile, the Regional Statistics Service (Ispat) published a report on employment trends. From the latest data (which however refer to the last quarter of 2023), the growth trend in the number of employees continued, which at the end of December exceeded 243 thousand units, a year-on-year increase of 2.3%, thanks to growth. Of the self-employed (+22.8%), which amounts to just over 51 thousand units.

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On the other hand, employee employment decreased by 2.1 percent after a decline of about 13 percent in temporary work, only partially offset by the growth in permanent work (0.7 percent). The increase in employment includes both gender components with the same intensity: 2.5 percent for men and 2 percent for women. Employment rate: 69.9% (76% men, 63.7% women).

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