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Generico novembre 2021

Trees and plants redesign cities, meet Petra Place at the Doge’s Palace

Genoa. Curated by the Foundation of the Guild of Architects of Genoa, the Fragile Landscape series of meetings resumes and is a reflection of the state of landscape design, the place where urban planning, social relations and nature meet.

Exceptional guest, Petra Blasi of Inside Outside, landscape designer, author of Parco Biblioteca degli Alberi in Milan and Stefano Boeri’s partner in the design of Polcevera Park and the Red Circle in Genoa.

Wednesday November 24, from 9 pm, at the Sala del Maggior Consiglio in the Palazzo Ducale in Genoa and live broadcast on Formagenova.itThe Dutch designer will share a selection of her most important works related to interior, landscaping, gardening and public space design on a large scale.

With her career beginning in the creation and design of exhibition spaces, Petra Blaisse is known for her multidisciplinary approach that spans different fields, combining technology and applied arts. All of his projects specific location. It means that they always start from scratch, carefully studying the conditions of the place, the needs of the customer and who will use it.

here because of The Inside Outside project for Polcevera Park devotes a deep interest in the history of the place, its regional and social memory. Thanks to the teamwork, the designer will create a botanical garden under the new Ponte San Giorgio, emphasized by the pedestrian and bicycle infrastructure created by Stefano Boeri Architetti – the red circle – to generate and welcome spaces dedicated to sports and recreation within the many different plants, native species and typical Mediterranean scrub. Fruit trees, walnuts and olives are among 43 different species, in memory of the victims of the Morandi Bridge tragedy.

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“Each project has an original narrative and what we are trying to do is, in a way, comparable to theatrical scenography – emphasizes Petra Blasey – the spatial experience can be influenced by different factors, which become the tools of our project: sounds, smells, colors, objects, plants, trees, curtains. Each project arises from dialogue. and cooperation with architects. For projects at an urban level it is necessary to work in a team. Each new work is approached with curiosity and enthusiasm, trying to always have a new approach and not the same.”

Which is. Petra Blaisse began her career in 1978 at the Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam, in the Department of Applied Arts. Since 1986, he has worked as an exhibition designer and has distinguished himself for his architectural installations, receiving awards and gaining experience in the use of fabrics, light and interior finishes, and at the same time, in the design of the gardens and landscapes that will influence his life. Works. In 1991 he founded the studio Inside Outside, which specializes in the combination of interior and exterior design and the interplay of architecture and landscape, and since 1999 has a multinational team of professionals. Italy, Lebanon, Taiwan, Germany, the United States and Switzerland are some of the recent contexts in which he created his external, internal and middle environments. Petra Blaise has given numerous conferences in Europe, Asia and the United States. Over the years she has been a guest of the University of Tokyo, University of California, Harvard University, Delft Technical University, Cornell University, arCaM, TedXtilburg, and many other prestigious universities. His work has been included in many international design and architecture fairs. He has collaborated for years with international studios and Pritzker Prize winners such as OMA (Rem Koolhaas), UNstudio (Ben Van Berkel & Caroline Bos) and SANAA (Katsuyo Sejima) to design the interior and open spaces of great works such as Kunsthal in Rotterdam, Casa da Musica in Porto, and the Mercedes Museum Benz in Stuttgart, and the Glass Pavilion in Toledo (USA).

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Registration method
Attendance (green lane is mandatory)
For architects: by registering on the portal Im @ ateria. It is necessary to present the paper check-in sheet at the entrance or directly from the im @ teria app. The conference is valid for 2 CFPs.
For other participants: Register by email at [email protected] with name, surname and phone number.
For everyone: register on the training portal FOAGE

Translation Instructions
To take advantage of subtitles both in presence and while broadcasting, you will have to use your smartphone (headphones are mandatory) and download the latest version of the Rafiky Connect app from the Apple Store or Play Store. Once the app is installed, enter your name, email, and 10-digit passcode (824-846-4672). For more information: