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“Transported in an ambulance”: a tragedy for the former face of Maria De Filippi | What the CT scan revealed


Maria De Filippi – (on-screen video on YouTube)

A well-known personality from Maria De Filippi’s team was taken to hospital for a CT scan. The unexpected tragedy.

men and women It’s been over for a few weeks, and fans of the stories told on Maria De Filippi’s programs are already pulling out.

But this abstinence will only last for a short time: one of TV’s most beloved reality shows will soon return: Temptation Island. There is very little left.

The new characters already do to chat, With reports of the alleged Fake kobe. It is certain that there will be no shortage of disagreements, and their emergence will not last long.

Meanwhile they search for each other News about heroes One of the many characters who appeared on Widow’s programs Costanzo. Among the many things that particularly caught viewers’ attention was the emergency hospitalization of a well-known face and the need to undergo a CT scan. “what is going on?” fans ask anxiously. Let’s find out.

Maria De Filippi: The well-known face of her programs at the hospital

The well-known personality who participated in several programs Maria De Filippi He is very active on social media. Through social media, he aroused a state of anticipation among his fans after announcing his emergency transfer to the hospital for a CT scan. We don’t know what’s going on, but he’s heard in the posted video saying he did it Difficulty seeing.

A few years ago this person underwent surgery to remove it Benign brain tumor. He is only 29 years old, which is why the concern today is greater. But it’s not just for this reason. Recently undergone Another processalthough of a very different nature.

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Clove eyes
Francesco Ciofalo before and after –

Fans are worried

You will understand what we are talking about Francesco Chiofalothe former competitor of Temptation Island And based on Kid and nerdwhich raises debate about the choice Eye color change Through a serious process Risk of blindness In the first class; Too little for a pair of blue eyes instead of the original brown ones. But after surgery on the tumor, he complained: “I still have a lot of things to do. I never became a father, and I never married. Now I risk not seeing each other anymore, or I might become paralyzed or suffer from mental problems like dementia. “I couldn’t accept that.” Instead today would be “Less bad looking” Accept the risk of blindness. “I thought that lighter eyes could tone down my aggressive appearance considerably… making my overall appearance less bad.” He justified himself Francesco.

Who has now rushed to the hospital. We still don’t know any news about him, we don’t know what happened or if the problem really came from his parents eyes, In any case, we wish him a speedy recovery. We invite you to do so Don’t follow his example.


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