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«Transfer 20 million from Doha»

In recent days, the head of Greece’s anti-money laundering authority, Charalambos Vorliotis, sent an urgent request to the anti-money laundering authorities. Panama He asks to inform him that there are transfers from about 20 million euros transfer from Qatar To accounts that may have been opened by Eva Kylie or by his family members. The news was reported in various international and Greek media. The request follows rumors – which have also rebounded on social media and have been vehemently denied by Kylie’s lawyer – about an alleged account held by the Greek MEP and her parents at Panamanian bank Bladex.

Qatargate, lawyers for Silvia Panzeri: “She must be free again.” The session has been postponed to January 16

Qatargate, the investigation expands

Meanwhile, the investigation is expanding. And according to the Belgian newspapers Le Soir and Knack, at the forefront of the news of ‘Qatargatè’ will be the Italian Andrea Cozzolino (Pd) and the Belgian of Italian descent Marc Tarabella, a socialist who was already suspended from the party at the start. from the investigation. There was no comment from the Brussels prosecutor’s office, which only confirmed that it had submitted a request to waive immunity for two members of the European Parliament. The names of Tarabella and Cozzolino have already ended up on several occasions in the news on the Qatargate newspapers, and a search of Tarabella’s house took place in the presence of European Parliament President Roberta Metsola (as required by Belgian law) already on 10 December. , in ‘after the arrest, among others, of Cayley’s companion, Francesco Giorgi (Parliamentary Assistant Cozzolino) and Member of the European Parliament and former trade unionist Pier Antonio Panzieri, lobbyist, founder of the NGO Fight Impunity and considered a central figure in the alleged maneuvers to soften the position of the institutions in favor of Qatar and Morocco Even Mauritania.

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“Since the beginning of this case, Marc Tarabella has repeated that he is at the disposal of justice and also requested that he be heard quickly so that he can defend himself,” said his lawyer, Maxim Toller, noting that the Belgian politician does not intend to hide behind immunity and is “for” the abolition of immunity. Cozzolino, in turn, had announced in recent days through his lawyer that he wanted the Belgian investigators to hear him as soon as possible, declaring that he was alien to the facts. Metsola will officially open the urgent procedure to revoke the immunity of the two MEPs at the first available plenary session of the EuroChamber, on Monday 16 January in Strasbourg.