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Trailer leak shows the new map, Spider-Man and many new features -

Trailer leak shows the new map, Spider-Man and many new features –

through a Leaking We get to see Fortnite Season 3 Official Trailer. Unfortunately, it is not available in English, so it is not possible to understand what the narrator is saying, but it still allows us to see the new map, new characters such as Spider-Man and many other game news.

First of all, the trailer allows us to see what’s new through fast camera movement Fortnite Chapter 3 Map. It seems that a large part of the southern region of the map is covered in snow and there is no shortage of new places and the different formation of already known areas.

Fortnite Chapter 3 will continue with cooperation, proposing first and foremost Spider-Man, and possibly also to announce the new movie from Marvel and Sony. But there will also be Kait and Marcus from Gears, Microsoft’s epic.

Speaking instead of game mechanics, there are new destruction options guaranteed byUnreal Engine 5. For example, we can see that by cutting a tree, it can fall on another and destroy it. The interaction with the environment can thus be more detailed and strategic. Then there’s the possibility to slip and not even the beloved and hated grappling hook, to move quickly around the map.

As always, expect new weapons and items to be used in battle. For a complete and official announcement, we will probably have to wait a little longer, specifically until the final event of the second chapter which will start next Fortnite Chapter 3. What do you think of the developments presented in this video?