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"Tragic, Dangerous and Unnecessary American Departure"

“Tragic, Dangerous and Unnecessary American Departure”

“Sad, dangerous and unnecessary”. Thus former British Prime Minister Tony Blair described the US withdrawal from Afghanistan in his first statement after Kabul fell into the hands of the Taliban.

Blair said in a statement on his website that the decision to withdraw from Afghanistan was politically motivated and marked the end of “endless wars”, one of the slogans used by US President Joe Biden during his election campaign. “We don’t need to do that. We chose that,” he wrote.

We did so in obedience to a foolish political slogan to end ‘endless wars’. Continued.

Blair said Britain now had a “moral obligation” to remain in Afghanistan until “all those who should be expelled”.

“We must expel and give refuge to Afghanistan, which has helped us and is with us and has the right to seek our support,” the former prime minister said. Was headed by the British government.

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