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Trade Republic also offers an investment savings plan

Trade Republic also offers an investment savings plan

We often talk about platforms dedicated to trading, and in fact they are able to open and close operations on stocks, indices, commodities or cryptocurrencies with minimal commissions, which is also a case Republic of Commerce Which today also offers an excellent welcome bonus for new users in the form of posts.

However, today we are following the product of the savings plan offered by the platform, which can be useful for the majority of users, if not for all. In fact, one of the golden rules from an investment perspective is to think long-term, and try to accumulate over time with an accumulation plan.

Long term savings plan

Long-term investing allows you to accumulate assets such as indices such as the S&P 500 that have historically had an average annual return of 7% or 8%, in fact among the best indices to accumulate over time by diversifying risk, this means being able to find In good earnings years, compound interest also helped.

In Trade Republic, apparently, it is possible to set up automatic accrual plans, given that there are no commissions on long-term plans, since they are not recurring trading activities.

There are more than 2500 different savings plans and if you wish, you can expose yourself to certain sectors over the long term if we know that they are able to perform well over the years. It also accumulates over time through Republic of Commerce We can take advantage of compound interest.

For example, with an investment of a number X and against the theoretical returns we’ve talked about, the year following any growth will refer to the value of the updated portfolio, not the prime number. Compound interest makes a big difference in the long run, how a particular asset should accumulate over time.

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* 67% of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs with this provider. You need to know how CFDs work and whether you can afford to lose your money