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"Towards the Yellow Zone at Christmas"

“Towards the Yellow Zone at Christmas”

Venito towards the Christmas Yellow Zone. This is the view that Governor Luca Zaya outlines in terms of the number of infections and hospital admissions. “Assuming we’re still in the white zone this week, we were 11% employed this morning. We have already surpassed the other two parameters, event and intensive care. Next week will be white, but Christmas will be yellow.

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“We are taking steps to open Govt hospitals as a preventative measure. There is an undeniable increase in hospital admissions: one hundred patients are being admitted a day.” Patients in intensive care “are very complex, the intensive care system provides everything from CT scans to MRIs. By next week we should still be in the white zone.

“If it turns yellow, the use of an outdoor mask is mandatory, while reducing the limited number of seats in restaurants is avoided by Super Green Pass,” explains Jaya. “I would like to remind you that super green bass are not counted in the red zone: closed is closed”, he points out the restrictions that are triggered in the case of 30% aggression in the extreme case. Maintenance wards.

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