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Towards the New Year with African anticyclone and unusual temperature, but with fog, low clouds and pollution.  All details 3B Meteo

Towards the New Year with African anticyclone and unusual temperature, but with fog, low clouds and pollution. All details 3B Meteo

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Situation – Snowfall continues in the Alps despite rising altitude. The white woman continues to fall below 1800 meters and has accumulated a lot Temperature where Livigno However, it has risen -10 C to -0.5 C within 10 hours. The alpine barrier slows down the flow of hot currents from the south and maintains low values, especially in the border areas. The accumulations are substantial 2500 m above one meter, but at low altitudes New 80 cm.

When A powerful anticyclonic comeback In the subtropical matrix, it travels from the Iberian field to Midwestern Europe, and within the next 24-48 hours it reaches the British Isles and Central Europe, including, of course, the Mediterranean Sea and Italy. So they are waiting for us Different days From those who have passed by character Stable weather But not always sunny, because moisture will stagnate in the lower layers Heat inversion and fog In the valleys and sometimes along the coasts. That too will change Climate environment Featuring Temperatures above average Ed with outliers Exceptionally mild For the time being in the hills and mountains. We get the peak of anticyclonic power On New Year’s Day Peric values ​​then begin to decline, but with the advent of more unstable currents during the Fefana period Not yet confirmed. So let’s look at the time until the New Year according to the dominant characteristics.

Reversal of heat in cold weather in fog, low clouds and valleys – Areas Northern Plain And to some extent too The valleys of the center They are dominated by fog and fog, early in the morning but especially on days between January 1-2. Even in the middle hours And is located not only in the north but also in the center, such as the Arno, Ombron and Tiber valleys. Fogs can form during partial daily lifting Low cloud cover. The increase in temperature in these areas is not really significant, and the higher heat reversal events in the Po Valley will nail the thermometers. More winter temperature values At elevations below 10 C, it occurs above all else in the central Bo Valley of the Bo River.

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Low thickness and then fog on the beach – Areas that are more prone to fog and / or low cloud cover Ligurian beaches, Part of western and northern Sardinia, Tuscan Beaches, Upper middle Adriatico Medium-lower tyrosine sometimes on New Year’s Day. This phenomenon is more common in the early morning, but internally it can last even during the day. Fog and low local clouds may also occur in western Sicily and Salendo.

Unusually bright and warm sun in the mountains and hills – All hilly and mountainous areas from alpine and prealpine to apenine will be without significant cloud cover and humidity. The conditions will be hot and dry With very mild climates, peaks of 20-22 C or higher can be recorded in Sardinia, northwestern and northern Apennines up to 800-1000 m.

Pollution to the stars – The problem will be felt more in the Bo Valley, but the center’s large urban centers are no exception. Roma And the like of the South Naples. Particular attention will be paid pm10 and pm2.5 concentrations Medium-low Lombardy already has 80/100 micrograms more per cubic meter by the 30th day between Low Veneto and Emilia, and increases and spreads to Piedmont for the New Year, when concentrations exceed the 100/120 microgram range.

Weather New Year’s night: North, The fog spread across the Po Valley to the beaches of Venice, Emilion, Romagnoli and Friulian. Low clouds and fog or local fog on the Ligurian coast, especially in the center. Clear in the Alps, the Freelps and the Northern Apennines. Center, Low clouds and local fog in the beaches of Tuscany and inland valleys up to Umbria. Fog and local low clouds are also expected along the coast of March. Clear with fog and lower clouds over northwest Sardinia – over Abyssinia, Lazio, Abruzzo and Lower Marche. South, Isolated on the beaches and inland of Campania and in fogs, tropanes and lakes. Clarity in other areas. Ventilation Not with Great be quiet. Temperature Generally above average except in foggy areas.

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Weather New Year’s EveNorth, Weil in the Alps and Freelps, dark and foggy in the Po Valley, and low clouds over Liguria and Adriatic beaches. Center, Ash in northwest Sardinia, beaches in Tuscany and inland valleys of Tuscany due to fog or low clouds. Mostly foggy in March. Sunny is different. South, Low clouds and fog along the coasts of western Sicily and Campania, inland locally over the Selendo Buglia and the Gulf of Toronto. Sunny elsewhere. The maximum temperature drops slightly. Weak or absent air.

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