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Totti: Fake news about me and Elari, I’m fed up with denials

‘I’m tired of denying this fake news’: word Francesco Totti Who, in the evening, with a video posted in a story on Instagram, denies rumors of an imminent separation from his wife Elari Blasey, who, in turn, publishes, always on social media, photos of the Totti family during dinner in a restaurant in the center. Rome (“Rinaldi al Quirinal”), it is often frequented by the spouses.

In the video, Totti asks to “be careful because there are children involved and they should be respected,” referring to the children Christian and Chanel, now teenagers, and young Isabel. The alleged marital crisis between Ilari Blasi and Francesco Totti immediately monopolized the front pages of the sites, and not only that, which today gave an end to the relationship between the two after 20 years, 17 of them are married, three children, with a lot of news and photos also about an alleged new torch of the former Giallorossi captain It sparks countless reactions across social media for the masses.

Totti: Fake news about me and Elari, I’m sick of denial

It’s just after eight in the evening when Totti posts his video message on his official Instagram profile stories: “In the past few hours I’ve read in the media a lot about me and my family, it’s not the first time I’ve heard this fake news – says the former Giallorossi captain I turn to you who you write, and I ask you to pay attention because there are children involved and they should be respected and frankly I am tired of having to deny it.”

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A few minutes later, Elari Blasey posted another story on her Instagram profile: a video of Totti’s family having a full dinner at the restaurant and joking with the restaurateur. In the afternoon, Miss Totti, who always appears in a story on Instagram, posted a video in big tongues, apparently a sign of ridicule of the crisis rumors swirling around one of the couples beloved by their fans. And the after-dinner crackle, with the two not shying away from the requests of the paparazzi, who meanwhile arrived outside the restaurant.

Totti did not skimp on jokes according to his style. Leaving the club with his daughter Isabel in his arms, Totti made his way through a forest of paparazzi flashing his face (“I can’t really see, if you do that…”), while Elari slipped away in the company of Chanel’s other daughter. To a lady who said to him “Come and eat at my restaurant too,” the Roman icon joked “I will come if we don’t pay,” and then continued not to deprive the paparazzi of herself, she replied with a laugh. , to the chorus of the photographers themselves. Request a kiss with Elari: “We’ve been kissing for twenty years.” Then he smiles with his wife: “Then she says that now she loves women.” “Beware, I don’t have insurance” was another joke to two photographers who were about to lie on his hood, then, with the window still open and almost begging: “Come on, let me go we have to leave for White Week.” In short, if it was a marital crisis from what we saw in this after dinner, it wouldn’t be said.

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