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Tottenham will buy Kulusevsky this summer



daily Mail write it Tottenham already this summer You are expected to buy Diane Kulusevsky. The Swedish club was on loan for two seasons from Juventus, but it was recently reported that there is an option that offers an opportunity to buy him this summer for 30 million euros, equivalent to about 310 million Swedish kronor. Kulusevsky has started successfully since arriving in January, scoring two goals and five assists. On Mails sportettan is the hottest news ‘Financial dispute at Everton’. Some PL clubs have been mentioned Not satisfied with Everton’s escape Punishment despite the staggering financial losses. They suspect that Everton has broken the rules of the PL.

Einglishthe sun. with tops “All rune gone”. Like in Cristiano Ronaldo. Wayne Rooney sat down in the Sky Sports studio on Monday night and said he believed the Portuguese was not a successful signing and that it was time to part with Paul Pogba. break 4 arteta mats He points out that Mateta was one of the scorers when Arsenal hit a big shot (0-3 against Crystal Palace) and lost ground in the fourth-place chase. Arteta apologized to the fans after the match and described the effort as “Unacceptable”. Like onions on salmon, both Thomas Partey and Kieran Tierney were injured. In relation to the sun. The Thames must become a trinity Far from the rest of the season.

guardian Provides space for Pep Guardiola’s irony. Before tonight’s game at CL, he was asked if he sometimes over-analyses opponents, a criticism he sometimes makes of CL. This made Guardiola go bananas. “All players have a mother and a father, and father and mother give different personality traits to the players. That’s why I like to overanalyze and introduce stupid tactics, and when we don’t win, I get punished. Today (read: yesterday) I was inspired by that and tomorrow I will develop amazing tactics (read: today) – we will play with twelve Guardiola. This was just an excerpt.

the athlete Two quotes that risk making fans frown. Nasser Al-Khelaifi, president of Paris Saint-Germain and president of the European Club Association, talks about his desire to win the Champions League. “I can’t understand how the Super Bowl could look any bigger than the Champions League final. The Super Bowl and the USA in general have an attitude, creativity and (sense) of entertainment”Focusing on CL, Al Khelaifi says: “Every match should be an event and provide entertainment”. Graham Potter, in turn, raises his eyebrows for other reasons. It was a tough move for Brighton and Potter thinks it is One “challenge” for players When the audience is urged to shoot the classic way. “Obviously the longer it takes, the more you can hear the audience ‘shoot, shoot, shoot,’ and sometimes that can be a challenge for the players.”.

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Gazzetta dello sport Allow Zlatan Ibrahimovic With his head bandages they symbolize Scudetto, what a fight!. Despite Milan’s 33 shots, there were no goals (0-0 against Bologna). One Serie A record Since Opta started its measurements in 2004/2005. The battle for the title is still open. “It’s a tournament that is decided in the last round or maybe the penultimate round.”Milan coach Stefano Pioli says so. Ibrahimovic is back with a score of 5.5 out of 10. Matthias Svanberg In Bologna it gets 6.5. Calciomeracto also writes that Ibrahimovic should do it Their future options this month. Talks are expected with Milan sports directors Paolo Maldini and Frederic Massara.

Corriere dello Sport Uses “till the last breath” To describe the struggle for Scudton. A space also dedicated to Victor Osmehen. The newspaper says it will take 120 million euros to buy him from Napoli. Both Arsenal and Manchester United are interested in the Nigerian striker.



Vasco Diary indicates that it was 669 minutes ago Alessandro Isaac He recently scored for Real Sociedad. But yesterday it finally happened again. Penalty kick in extra time (1-0 against Espanyol). “it’s a important to the attackerThis was confirmed by coach Emmanuel Al Jawasel. He was pleased with Isaac’s contribution to the aforementioned role: Damage from evil posture. She has the ability to play there. Create an imbalance in opponents while dribbling over the edgeMundo Deportivo I like too Isaac. He coldly asks about the penalty kick in the 94th minute, arriving with a free step on the left edge, especially after the break. He lifted a weight off his shoulders, writes the newspaper in its review. AS Log gives Isaac the only player in the game Three stars out of three possible. On the other hand, he just gave him the DM.

Sports and the Mundo DeportivoCatalan sports newspapers turn the front page Dembele meeting special for “Meeting in Marrakesh”. The same is true. Sports Director in Barcelona Mathieu Alemany met Dembele’s agent Moussa Sissoko is in the Moroccan city to discuss contract extension. Sport points out that this, in turn, could be bad news for Adama Traore on loan and the signing of Ravenha at Leeds. The MD says interest in Barcelona women will continue. The Champions League last week broke the world record against Real Madrid (91,553). Already now 50,000 tickets sold out on the first day In the semi-final against Wolfsburg.

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s . diary Their eyes are on Manchester City – Atletico Madrid in tonight’s Champions League quarter-final. “If anyone can do it, it’s Atleti”Covers the first page. The newspaper points out that Atlético had previously played the role of England’s killers. Atletico beat Chelsea, Leicester, Arsenal, Liverpool and Manchester United. El Mundo calls the match between the different characteristics of coach Pep Guardiola and Diego Simeone “Beauty and the beast”. It is also noted Giovanni Guetta & Co at Alaves are getting a new coach. Jose Luis Mendelibar was fired.


your funk

the group Karim Benzema beat it. he is He hopes Kylian Mbappe will join him in Real Madrid. “I love playing with him in the national team and I would like to play with him in the club. I think we will score twice as many goals. Triple! (laughs) “Benzema tells the newspaper. Mbappe has been the main topic of conversation since he talked about it “new parameters” he replied “Of course” On the question of whether he can stay at PSG. L’Equipe points out that Paris Saint-Germain has more financial strength than any other club and would be willing to give its permanent star unparalleled conditions Club players (salary level, image rights, etc.). He can also take part in the process of recruiting players for Paris Saint-Germain. Le Parisien indicates that Mbappe wants it Learn more about PSG regulations and recruitment plans before making a decision. According to Spain’s Cadena Cope As Mbappe’s father wants For the son to stay in Paris Saint-Germain while the mother wants him to move to Real Madrid. Following the information that Barcelona is interested in Mbappe, both newspapers indicated that Manchester City and Liverpool could also be cheated.

RMC SportExpert Jerome Rothen says at the same time: And according to the information I received, a third club joined the dance. I don’t know the identity of the club but one thing is for sure and it’s not Barcelona. I was confirmed by his entourage.”. And as if that wasn’t enough, during the night the most famous profile of the radio channel, Daniel Riolo, came out with the following: He (Mbappe) will wait until May to finally announce it will stay. The continuation of Paris Saint-Germain in other words. Riolo, who has 600,000 followers on Twitter, enjoys mutual trust. Words also get bigger Footprints on Spanish sites Morning.

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kicker Eyebrows raised. Most commentators didn’t think Freiburg would protest because Bayern mistakenly played twelve players for 20 seconds in Saturday’s 1-4 defeat. It was considered frivolous and hopeless. But Freiburg has now lodged a protest. Bavaria maintains a beautiful face. We are not surprised that Freiburg lodged a protest. The case is now in the Court of Sports, we are fully confident.says Oliver Kahn, CEO of Bavaria. Bavaria They risk losing points from the match. Sport1 thinks so The result is not clear Because of the gray area in the regulations.

Photo States Branimir Harjuta and the Andrea Lindy This summer he learned how to lose his coach Grather Fürth. Stefan Little must have already told the club he wanted to change the environment. He is currently with Schalke 04 and Hertha BSC has already shown an interest in this matter. Moreover, the newspaper wrote that both Manchester United and Tottenham Interested in Konrad Laimer? and R. B. Leipzig. The 24-year-old midfielder has a contract until 2023.

Sky Sports He thinks Serge Gnabry will extend with Bayern Munich after all. It comes in response to information on Monday about interest from Real Madrid, Liverpool and Juventus. Sky says negotiations are protracted and a decision should be made within the next few weeks.


TV match (Russia) spoke to ex-Spartak player Nikita Bazhenov who welcomed him Jordan Larson Leave the club. There will be no defeats. I don’t see any reasons. It’s the worst thing that happens when someone lacks willpower. Mistakes can be condoned in the match, but not for lack of will.”Bazhenov says.

telegraph (Netherlands) said Erik ten Hag would like to bring defender Jörn Timber to Manchester United if he gets the job as a manager. The 20-year-old has a contract until 2024 and is estimated by Transfermarkt at €30m.


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