Tuesday, July 23, 2024

Torre del Greco (Naples), New Blitz with Acid: Affected Woman


Aggressive dynamics

– The episode starts on Tuesday morning. The woman explained when a gray car approached her via Vittorio Veneto, the central artery of Vesuvius. There were two women inside the cockpit, and they caught his attention with their gestures. As the 52-year-old driver approached the side door window, another woman sitting next to the passenger threw liquid in his face. The car then disappeared in a hurry, the victim did not at first give weight to the gesture, assuming it was related to the action he was taking with the municipality (“I reclaim backward people, the disabled and above all, bullying among minors”, before he could feel the burning in his eyes Centro explained to the station’s carabiner, so sought medical help.

The victim has been subjected to threats in the past due to his work

– The woman explained to Carabinieri, “In connection with the associations I deal with, miners comments on various social networks and phone threats, incidents have already been reported to the Torre del Greco State Police. This year” two women wearing surgical masks could not be identified.

Acid attack again in Naples a few days ago

– A few days ago, in Naples, a similar episode was reported harming two sisters aged 17 and 24. Aunt was arrested for that attack. There will be serious family disagreements based on the gesture.

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