Tuesday, July 23, 2024

Toninelli: “Received a civil summons from Berlusconi, he asks me 200 thousand euros”. Kedini: “He is the one who sued the former Prime Minister”


Berlusconi mentions me on a civil level And asks less than me 200 thousand euros. He asks them for reports made on social networks between 2017 and 2019. The senator and former minister of the 5 Star Movement said, Danilo Toninelli, In a video on Facebook. “Berlusconi sued me in a civil trial, do you want to know why? Slander and torture, Confirmed with public statements published through the Internet. The amount of damage required should not be less than 200 thousand euros, I like them. Berlusconi did not know that I had returned many more. I remembered in posts and tweets that he was definitely convicted of tax fraud, could not be represented and was defined as a liar, and that I approached his person with this word.Comedy“After the video was released, the Forsa Italia MP intervened with a note, Nicola Kedini, Gavin is a trusted lawyer. “As is well known, Senator Toninelli a Prosecute President Berlusconi For a sentence he is said to have uttered, in the sense of this defense, is completely non-existent. President Berlusconi’s lawyers limited themselves to collecting a small portion Countless reports Against these, Senator Toninelli further proposed over time A mediation request It is completely civil and conciliatory without presenting any case. ”Pledges before there was a reconsideration from Tonnelli. But this has nothing to do with this. Not long ago, Berlusconi tried Compensatory action Against me for facts that have passed 4 years, so beyond the deadline for any defamation suit. A complaint that he never really created me. “

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