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Tonight’s rain and thunderstorms, there’s 3B Meteo

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Weather forecast.  Thundershowers in some parts of the evening
Weather forecast. Thundershowers in some parts of the evening

Resistance cycle in gradual reinforcement. The low pressure area is in the center of the continent and centered on Germany on Tuesday. From here the air uBefore the instability affecting the central-eastern alpine areas and parts of the vicinity of the Upper Po Valley With some rain, the day will intensify. In contrast, the anticyclone dominates the rest of Italy. Stable and mostly sunny weather. All day waiting for us:

The next hour, a temporary danger in an area of ​​the north. Irregular clouds and scattered rain in the alpine regions, especially in the Lombard-Venetian and afternoon storms, which extend as far as the Bo Valley. It will be more frequent to see events over the Lombard-Venetian flat sectorsFrequent thunder showers and Strong intensity in the county in the evening in Trivandrum, In the far northwest rather than here and there. There may also be some rain in Liguria, between Genovese and Specino, in the afternoon, up to the plain south of the Bow towards Emilia Sector. Central-southern areas will not be affected by unstable road, It now extends northward under the protection of counter-cyclones, especially with temperate climates in the south reaching 25 C, with small daily variations affecting the Central Apennines, with little rainfall between Umbria and inland March. Enter the section for all details Weather Italy. For evolution throughout the week Click here.

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