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Toni Cairoli to retire at the end of the season - motocross

Toni Cairoli to retire at the end of the season – motocross

Rome, September 14, 2021. The old hit rings in the mind, “I’ll stop here.” Yes, Tony Cairoli decided to resign. He calls us to the center of the world and today he is more than ever at the center of his world and ours. Rome commemorates one of the greatest times ever.
It’s the official announcement, equivalent to an expiration date, set for the end of the current season, for an amazing career forever, which cannot be repeated until another unparalleled ace fails in a series of exploits that prove the champion in history, said today in legend.

It’s good to make this clear, we’re not fishing in the basket of easy clich├ęs. It’s not a sad moment, but rather a happy point for the proverb, not a rant, because his entire career has been really exciting, captivating, and exciting.

What Tony Cairoli did is close to unimaginable Of ambition, a dream that has no limits. It applies to him and the lovers of the world, it is impossible to count. What will Antonio Cairoli of Baty, Messina, Sicily, Italy do now? It’s certainly not the time to ask ourselves, we’ll talk about it later in terms of the importance of this moment. However, what Tony will do, I frankly find to be done splendidly. Is not what he gave us enough?

36 years in ten daysAmong those over 30 on motorbikes, the last 20 unrivaled ace of the World Motocross Championship is now the MXGP. Tony Cairoli conquered 9 world champion titles. Before anyone asks the constant question about contentment, we tell you: It is The perfect figure!

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KTM and its entire court Reserve for him a unique solemn ceremony “surprise”, at the height of the date the pilot wrote it with his own hand (magical right). Did we have to wait for something bigger?

No, the day that KTM Make an appointment , Rome NS de Carly For an important announcement, the “surprise” has already been revealed. This also helps to understand how much Little Tonino has become a giant Motocross, sports. In that “surprise” only science fiction can be more exciting than the reality of respect and appreciation for the greatest that comes to mind.

Regards, AntonioA wonderful new life! Do you think what a beauty it is to be young, with a future of ideas ahead of you and a similar future Legacy of the defeated primates. Maybe he told us, maybe we could stay a little longer with us. I’m used to it badly, and that’s pretty good!