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Tommaso Trussardi “Dating a Woman, Men and Women”: It’s Ridiculous

Was the flashback between Michel Hunziker and Tommaso Trussardi an illusion?

In the last few hours, a bombshell has spread that will see Tommaso Trussardi as the heroes and, no less, the lady of men and women. But who is he? Above all, does the news correspond to the truth since the news broke recently about the possible return of the torch between Trussardi and Hoensecker? Here’s what we know.

Apparently from the latest rumors circulating, There will be no desirable return of the torch between Tommaso Trussardi and Michel Hunziker The reason is that a woman is dating her now. Apparently the last photos I’ve seen together around which the story is built around the potential return were based on two people who were just good parents and were spending time together to be “together” in the family and not because they found out they still loved each other.

So who is Tommaso Trussardi’s new torch? Amedeo Fanza completely overturned the situation by launching a great gossip, these were his words: Michelle denies returning With Trussardi? Well, he writes for many women, including a former lady on the throne.”

fanza, Besides being an expert in gossip, he will be very close to the world of men and women It is for this reason that his news was thrown there so that it might have a basis of truth. But the real question at this point is: Who is the woman that Thomas Trussardi is dating?

Tommaso Trussardi: Who is the “lady” of men and women?

Who is it about? Who is the woman, the former grand lord of men and women that Tommaso Trussardi will date? At the moment, it is very complicated to give a name to this person since there are many ladies who have taken turns over the years in Maria de Filippi’s program.

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But there seems to be evidence that could come from the same Amedeo Fenza who broke the news and was also going to reveal the name of the former lady: Pamela BerettaBut at the moment this is only a hypothesis. Meanwhile, Michele Hunziker herself would in her own way deny the return of the much-discussed torch, with these words: “I’m the one who reads newspapers these days.”Funny expression.

What would the truth be? We’ll see what comes in the coming weeks. Fans will certainly be split into two, between those who always trust the flame to return in the Trussardi-Hunziker pair and those who hope instead that they both go to other beaches. Meanwhile, will fans of my Ramazzotti-Hunziker husband reconcile, or not?