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Tomatoes, nothing but healthy foods: if you eat them this way you risk getting seriously ill | It’s better to be careful


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Be careful what you eat: Tomatoes may look healthy but may hide unexpected dangers.

If you think of tomatoes, you think of Italian kitchen. This food is known for its health benefits and ability to prevent many chronic diseases. AmericasThey were introduced to Europe in the 16th century and quickly spread to Italy, becoming essential in the kitchen.

Today, tomatoes are widely consumed all over the world. Their popularity is due not only to their fresh and summery flavour in a certain sense, but also to their taste. Nutritional benefitsIn addition, tomatoes are rich in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, including lycopene, which is known for its anti-cancer properties.

Besides being Consume freshTomatoes are also very popular in their processed versions. Tomato sauces, peeled tomatoes, and pureed tomatoes are essential to many recipes and are a convenient way to enjoy the flavor of tomatoes year-round.

These processed products retain many of the nutritional benefits of fresh tomatoes, a staple in every Italian kitchen pantry. However, what not everyone knows is that even such a food hides some of its Pitfalls.

One of the risks

Although tomatoes are generally considered a fresh and healthy food, there are some things you should be aware of the potential risks associated with their consumption, especially under certain conditions. Like eggplant and peppers, tomatoes also contain SolanineIt is a molecule that in large amounts can lead to increased intestinal inflammation.

Solanine is a natural alkaloid that can be toxic. However, its content in tomatoes decreases as the vegetable reaches its natural stage of maturity. So eat tomatoes well ripeEspecially during the summer, the content is minimal and poses no health risk.

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Tomatoes: How to incorporate them into a healthy diet?

To ensure a balanced intake of nutrients and reduce the risks associated with solanine, it is essential to follow a varied and complete diet. Alternate all seasonal vegetables What nature offers is a winning strategy to ensure that you consume minimal amounts of solanine, which do not cause health problems.

This variety also allows you to benefit from a wide range of vitamins, minerals and other essential nutrients, which contribute to overall health. Finally, it is advisable to eat seasonal vegetables, preferably locally grown. Not only is solanine intake reduced, but exposure to it is also avoided Chemical waste Used in intensive agriculture.


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