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Tokyo Olympics: Direct Results. Rowing, Italy of Gold. Baltrinary Miracle: Friday

In the end, the long-awaited gold, without days of luxury, came in perhaps the least expected race: women’s rowing, so farItaly In Olympic Games The medals were completely dry. The couple had to break the spell Valentina Rodini e Federica Cesarini, Winner of the double lightweights, thus crowned with a beautiful Japanese morning opened in bronze Stefano Oppo e Pietro Rutta In the same discipline. This water brings good luck to Azzurri who celebrates in the swimming pool Gregorio Baltrineri In the 800-meter freestyle after a race, Corby struggled with the aftermath of a monogliosis, so was not on the list of favorites, and even loved the dream of gold for a long time. On the contrary, it is frustrating Alessandro Miressi In the 100m freestyle: Only sixth place for him. Failure to carry the flag Jessica Rosie, Who does not enter the finals of skeet shooting, the trap is special, instead he flies Silvana tired. The blue of the team membrane also advances and defeatsHungary Thus France In the semifinals. Easy for all womenItalvoli, Which also dissolves practice Argentina With a sound 3-0 It plans them on the topic of their group.

Boat ride

Already the first final, the men’s double lightweight, comes with a medalItaly: This is the bronze announced by the couple Stefano Oppo / Pietro Rutta. It just gets better Valentina Rodini e Federica Cesarini, Which givesItaly A spectacular gold in the double lightweights (as well as the first medal in the women’s rowing), with a stratospheric comeback in the last meters, was simultaneously supported by the fallNetherlands Before long. In two without senior Giri Dontodonatti Ed Ayesha Rosek They rank 12th in the female and 11th in the male Giovanni Upaknale e Vincenzo Abagnale.

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வாலண்டினா ரோடினி மற்றும் ஃபெடெரிகா செசரினி (அன்சா)

I will swim

It has an unusual silver in the 800m freestyle Gregorio Baltrineri Responds to misfortune (mononucleosis within weeks Olympic Games) And some excessive reviews: Super Greg, Which swims 7’42”11, For a long time he inevitably escaped in the last two pools of a dream of victory, when they saw him from the middle lanes Robert Finke (Wind), Mikhail Romansuk (Bronze) and Florian Welbrock (Previously great option, but only the fourth). In the 100-meter freestyle final, he placed sixth Alessandro Miressi, Which closes 47”86. Semi-Final Chapter: No Pass for the Final Action Francesca Fangio And its 2’27”97 At 200 m breast stroke and Alberto Rosetti (1’57”70) In the mixed 200m.

கிரிகோரியோ பால்ட்ரினேரி (அன்சா)Fencing

With the web 45-32 The team won the blue of the foilHungary Enter the semifinals, where they can be found FranceHowever, it drops the Italians to 45-43. Alice Wolpe, Arianna Jericho and Martina Patin They will challenge the United States for the bronze.

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Skeet shooting

Surprisingly, the flag bearer on the women’s web leaves the scene Jessica Rosie, When Silvana tired The fifth closes. First historic medal for San Marino at the Olympics: Alessandra Beryl won bronze.

BMX cycling

There is no final for the only Italian in the race, Giacomo Fontoni. For Veronese, however, the satisfaction of being brought backItaly Everyone Olympic Games In this discipline after absence Rio.

Species to follow

All 7:00 The protagonist in the pool Settabello, Confirmed against United States, When you give 12:00 Switches to swimming for spotlight temperatures. In 12:50 Alice de Amado e Martina Magio They play medal in the All Round Final (Art Gymnastics).

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