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Tokyo 2020: USA Second Semi-Final.  3-0 for the Dominican Republic

Tokyo 2020: USA Second Semi-Final. 3-0 for the Dominican Republic

Quarter final
REP Dominican – United States 0-3 (11-25, 20-25, 19-25)
High scorer: Martinez b. 16; Truce 21, Partsh-Hawkley 13, Washington 10.
Attacks: 32/92; 48/107
In: 5 a8
Ace: 0/52; 6/73
Enemy Errors: 13 to 13
Fast pulse: Martinez b. 95 km / h; Hancock 94 km / h

Tokyo – Although without the setter Jordin Boulder It’s the opposite Jordan Thompson, The U.S. national team handled their opponent relatively easily, winning the quarterfinal challenge 3-0.
The American team is now playing in the semifinals of the fourth Olympics in a row.

In the first set, the United States immediately launched an attack 6-3. The fully controlled area (19-8) with 5 blocks and 2 aces sent the Dominican attack into a tailspin (only 6 for 31 wins). Andrea Truce and Michael Bartz-Hawkley each scored 5 points in the set attack.

The second set was more complicated for the Americans, although they did not allow the Dominicans to get closer than three points after the initial 5-3, but they found more resistance from the Dominicans on the other side of the net (Martinez P. 6 points, Martinez J. 4, 3 team walls). The Dominicans ended Druze’s set 0-4, 24-16.

The third set is tighter than previous systems that the United States has never allowed the Dominican Republic to hold even one point ahead. Here the Dominican reduced the deficit to 17-16 with USA and it was effective to close the set 25-19 with Druze’s 10 points, before an area 8-3 with the stars.

The United States will face the winners of Serbia and Italy in the semifinals.

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