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Tokyo 2020: US makes Serbia unrecognizable.  Nate 3-0, Larsen Superstar

Tokyo 2020: US makes Serbia unrecognizable. Nate 3-0, Larsen Superstar

Serbia – United States 0-3
(19-25, 15-25, 23-25) Match Report

Tokyo – The United States From King In the last five editions of the game the United States reached the 3rd Olympic final goal for gold, and if we add bronze to the fourth overall, Rio won in 2016. It was an unexpected semifinal, the Stars and Stripes Monologue, which clashed with the image given by Derjik two days ago against the blue. As the Americans attacked the opponent from the first set on the Olympic podium, the stock shifted without leaving much space. A one-way match with Larson and Truss will make the difference between wall defense and corral service, giving Boulder two effective attacks in the attack.

Franிக்கois Mikhajlovic is not available, not much for Derzyk
Franிக்கois Mikhajlovic is not available, not much for Derzyk

Patterns Jordan Thompson returns to look at the bench, while Jordan Poulter returns to the field as his starting director, while being charged with an ankle injury in the match against Italy. . Opposite Druze, more than the loyal middle-aged couple Aquinadeo and Washington, in the Larson and Parts-Hogley Diagonal 4. Crawley did not change a single iod, only entry in Race 1, Hill for comedy. There is not even a change in cycles. You can’t change a perfect car. Instead Dersik uses a lot of the bench during the match, but the only one he really wants to believe is not even entering the field on this occasion, the physically unavailable Frankika Mikhajlovic. The direction is Eternal Ognjenovic, opposite Boskovic lighthouse, in the middle Rasic and Popovic, Milenkovic and Busa 4, Popovic S. Free.

Further ‘ – Staff first. The US is the right, consensus mechanism. Not a Pragoshevik who magnetizes all team games, Bowler can limit and do well between Truss, and confidently, despite Thompson’s return, and Larsen was in a complete psycho-motor state, allowing him to be practically alone. All American Welcome. Thousand American Security (31) and the wall make a definite difference.

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Larson 36 receptions 58% positive and 20 attacks 60%, 1 block and 1 ace (0 errors)

Less – If you do not want to see all the hair from the Serbian side, Partsh-Hockley underscores the low performance of 7/25 (4%) who is more involved in the dark work after a good first set. Dersik is not the best Boskovic in the lineup, 41% on the attack today, but above all there is no reliable alternative to Okzhenovich who is not satisfied with the other exit routes and there is no solid reception. The Serbian comedy (36 at Larson) then failed to impress at any point in the match, thus having enough potential for the American game in replay.

Competition – Ruthless USA in the first set of the Tokyo 2020 semifinals. With Jordin Bowler on the pitch, Crawley’s women open the match with aggression at bat and focus on blocking and defending. As a result of Serbia, there are several errors in the attack: the balance is up to 10-8, followed by Larson’s counter attack following two defenses, Washington’s wall value of +4: 12-8 on Brockosevic.
Then Truss comes to serve: Blames Serbian opponent’s game order for the final 16-10: 5 points from Bartz-Hogley, Truss and Larson: 25-19

We start, get ready and there is a wall three meters from the Prokoshevik attack. Begins. The second set, however, was more consistent, with Bowler moving forward with his 11-7 win over the United States. Despite all the scores, the Serbian wall continues to fail, with Truss dominating the net, already 5 points at 21-14. Serbia, with some of its spears, makes many mistakes, starting with Rasik. Mirkovic makes a double transition to Plakozhevik and Okzhenovich for Pusa in the Dersik movement. USA Concrete, 9 set points closed with Larsen 24-15. One thing is for sure: Washington is still stopping Prague.

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Employees USA

Truce opens the set with a 3-1 lead. Serbia at the mercy of Larson and comrades: 7-2
Blagozevic immediately on the field for Pusa. Boskovic’s serve was a flash, leading the Serbs to 0-3 (7-5). The reception of the Serbs improves and the free Bobovic brings his defensive contribution. Moment On fire Boskovic reopens section: 8-7, 9-8. However, it was time for Serbia to immediately make two mistakes and blame the Washington wall. Rasik on the wall is a Serbian bug New +3 USA: worth 16-13. The set returns, Serbia loses the positive recession and makes a mistake in the Prokoshevik attack. At the reception Pusa accuses: 20-15. Is it over? No Serbia dies. Dersik sets aside time, takes Okzhenovich under his arm and talks to the team, even giving him a smile. There is a reaction, but it is not continuous. Pusa attack and block, Boskovic from 4th place and partition error in reception worth 22-21. However, most not allowed applications: Larsen’s another perfect “rice” that closes diagonally on 25-23.