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Today’s horoscopes: Saturday, June 15, 2024


June 14, 2024, 6:30 p.m

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Today’s horoscope LiveSicilia, edited by Skystar for forecasts for June 15, 2024. Love, work, well-being and luck. Ratings, votes and tips from Sicilian stars will accompany you until the new sun rises.

Today’s horoscopes: from Aries to Virgo, predictions for June 15

♈ Aries

Today you may feel like a knight without a sword, but don’t worry, your armor still shines. It seems like your usual energy has taken a long coffee break, so maybe it’s best to take a day off.

Rating: 5/10
Sicilian Star Council: “Take a day off. Heroes rest every now and then.”
“Keep calm, cry if you want, but remember that under this sky there is always a little star.”

♉ Tour

Today Mars is pushing you to put down roots, but you want to escape. There’s nothing wrong with wanting a change of scenery, but try not to throw everything away without thinking twice.

Rating: 6/10
Sicilian Star Council: “When he gets tired of sitting, he takes the parts, but who puts them in his head.”
“Find a new way, but don’t forget where you came from.”

♊ Gemini

Your mind is racing fast, but the rest of the world seems to be moving in slow motion. You may feel like a misunderstood genius today, but don’t let that discourage you.

Rating: 7/10
Sicilian Star Council: “Laugh, because life is too short to take it badly.”
“Don’t worry if people don’t understand you, just keep going as fast as you can.”

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♋ Cancer

You’re in nostalgia mode and every song on the radio makes you want to cry. Well, go ahead and fill your tears today, and tomorrow you will shine again as always.

Rating: 6/10
Sicilian Star Council: “Cry all your tears, tomorrow you will laugh loudest.”
“Today is a day of memories, but don’t worry, the future is ahead of you.”

♌ Leon

Your roar today sounds more like a meow. Maybe it’s time to rest your vocal cords and let others speak for you for once. There’s nothing wrong with showing a little weakness.

Rating: 5/10
Sicilian Star Council: “Every lion now and then turns into a cat, rests and roars again tomorrow.”
“Don’t worry, your strength is still there, even if you seem calmer today.”

♍ Virgo

Today you may be tempted to rearrange the universe. Before you do that, maybe start at your desk. The world can wait, but your cards can’t.

Rating: 6/10
Sicilian Star Council: “Before you say anything, look at your house.”
“Never tire of striving for perfection, but remember that doing something every now and then is better than perfection.”

Today’s horoscopes: from Libra to Pisces, predictions for June 15, 2024

♎ Libra

I’m tired of being the peacemaker. Today let others slaughter each other and give yourself a break. Your inner calm is worth more than a thousand concessions.

Rating: 7/10
Sicily Star Council: “Every now and then the budget breaks, and you take a break.”
“You, from time to time, think for yourself and let others decide.”

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♏ Scorpio

You are about to launch another provocation, but perhaps it is best today to avoid playing with fire. This doesn’t mean you’ll get burned, but why risk it?

Rating: 6/10
Sicilian Star Council: “Avoid a very hot miteree, otherwise you will burn yourself.”
“Today, just calm down for a bit and get back to normal.”

♐ Sagittarius

There’s nothing stopping you, and that could be a problem. Excessive haste does not always lead to good results. Take time to enjoy the view.

Rating: 8/10
Sicily Star Council: “Don’t run too much, you’ll miss something.”
“These are the days when you walk slowly and take care of yourself wherever you go.”

♑ Capricorn

You have everything under control, or so it seems. But deep down you know that a small revolution is about to break out. Let it go, you can’t keep everything perfect all the time.

Rating: 7/10
Sicily Star Council: “Once in a while, let everything get out of hand.”
“Don’t worry if everything isn’t perfect, the important thing is to be happy.”

♒ Aquarius

You don’t like rules, but today someone may force you to follow them. Try not to rebel too much, taking a step back every now and then can avoid problems.

Rating: 6/10
Sicilian Star Council: “Follow the rule, every once in a while, then go back to the headlights.”
“Consider today an exception and then go back to doing what you did.”

♓ Pesky

Today you are lost in your dreams and that is okay. Reality is exaggerated. Let your mind wander freely and discover new worlds.

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Rating: 8/10
Sicilian Star Council: “Dream just like you, because every now and then dreams are better than reality.”
“Stay in your world and let the pincers take you away.”

Ranking for Saturday, June 15, 2024: from first mark to last mark

1 – Sagittarius
2 – Bessie
3 – Libra
4 – Capricorn
5 – Gemini
6 – Visit

7 – The Virgin
8- Scorpio
9 – Aquarius
10- Cancer
11- Leon
12- Aries

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June 14, 2024, 6:30 p.m


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