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Coronavirus in Italia e nel mondo: news di oggi 28 ottobre. LIVE

Today is the news bulletin of the news and Govt case on October 28th. Live | Sky TG24

Gov. Tuscany, 373 new infections and 6 more deaths, but fewer hospitalized (-3.5%)

More deaths in Govt. There have been three new deaths in Florence, one in Prado, Pisa and Siena and a total of 7,272 people have been affected since the outbreak. However, with the new cases, the total positive rises to 288,589 (+ 0.1% of the previous day’s total). In a single day, 214 people recovered, an increase of 0.1% to 276,040. The current positive is 5,277 today (still above, + 3% yesterday, after several weeks of steady decline). Of those, 251 were admitted to the hospital (-9 yesterday equivalent to -3.5%) and 26 of them were in intensive care (-1 person yesterday -3.7% equivalent). A further 5,026 people were isolated at home “because – the region argues – they have mild symptoms that do not require hospital treatment, or are asymptomatic” (+162 people, + 3.3% compared to yesterday). 15,033 people (yesterday +526 people, + 3.6%) are isolated and are under intensive surveillance as they have been in contact with victims.

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