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To prevent fogging on car windows, this innovative and inexpensive DIY system is all that is needed

To prevent fogging on car windows, this innovative and inexpensive DIY system is all that is needed

Mornings are sometimes a path full of obstacles, especially in the winter. We do our best to get to work on time, get up early, and take a quick shower, before checking the weather and detecting dips. The last thing we probably want to deal with is fog in our car windows. But with the help of three very common substances, we no longer have to worry about this problem stealing our precious time in the morning.

When the outside temperature is much lower than that inside the passenger compartment, the water in the passenger compartment air will result in concentration on the glass. Windshields covered in condensation are not only annoying, but also dangerous. Fogging tends to diminish over time and activate the air from the car’s dashboard, but in fact, to prevent fogging of car windows, an innovative and inexpensive DIY system is all that is needed.

and non-microscopic materials

Hygroscopic substances are those substances that are able to absorb moisture from the air (as opposed to hydrophilic substances that absorb liquid water). Many of us use moisture absorbing salts at home. Among the hygroscopic substances there is certainly kitchen salt, paper, textile fibers or silica gel. rubbish bins the cats For example, it contains a hygroscopic substance to absorb cat urine and eliminate unpleasant odors.

To prevent fogging on car windows, this innovative and inexpensive DIY system is all that is needed

Three things are all we need to get around this problem during the cold season: a sock, a roll of duct tape and some cat litter.

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For our purpose, some types of cat litter boxes work better than others for this trick. Non-clumpy or silicon crystal bedding seems to work better than traditional clay bedding. When it comes to choosing socks, we choose sports socks, because we need a material that is as breathable as possible. Fortunately, the type of masking tape does not matter.

Here’s what to do. We need to pour garbage into the sock. To keep the sock strap open during this process, let’s help ourselves with a roll of duct tape. We insert the fascia to keep the sock strap open. We take the cat litter box and fill the sock to where the ankle begins. At this point we remove the roll of tape and attach the sock to the level of the litter. We can also put everything into another sock for extra strength.

The condensation that is created in the car will be absorbed by the garbage, which solves the problems of foggy windshields.

If we do not have a cat or do not want to buy a cat litter, another material that absorbs moisture (moisture absorbent) must be found. Moisture-absorbing salts can also be used with its own container, placing it in the area of ​​u200bu200bthe passenger compartment where air circulates.

(The information in this article is for informational purposes only. We do not know the behavior of our readers towards the tools in the house or in the garden. For this reason it is recommended to take the utmost care and care with the tools of the house and garden to avoid unpleasant accidents anyway, it is highly recommended to read the warnings given Who is the”)