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TJ – Leo Turrini exclusive on Arrivabene: “He’s Juventus. That’s why John Elkann may have chosen him. He’s so close to Agnelli. I expect him to …”


Regarding the scheduled juxtaposition of Maurizio Arefabini In the managing director’s role Juventus, And an editorial board They were interviewed exclusively Leonildo Torrini, Journalist and writer, one of the leading Italian experts in Formula One.

What kind of manager is Maurizio Arefabini?

“I have known Arifabini for over thirty years. I have a lot of respect for him. There are two characteristics that make him stand out.”


“Efficiency and passion. He has two great passions: Ferrari and Juventus. I cannot say what kind of operations he will go into at Juventus, but I can say that – as the Ferrari captain – he is very close to winning the World Championship in 2018.”

The Exor Man is also being tracked in several settings …

“I find one side curious.”


“I have to think about it. Arifabini was fired by John Elcan from Ferrari at the end of 2018; now the CEO will appoint him to Juventus instead … Maybe he regrets depriving himself of a manager of his caliber at Ferrari and wants that back to benefit from her experiences!” “.

In the course of your conversations, even informal ones, have you ever had the opportunity to talk about football?

“He is a Juventus player, I am an Inter fan! He often made fun of me kindly. As I said earlier, Juventus and Ferrari are two of his greatest passions. In the four years as a manager of the team, as well as a manager, Arefabini, a Ferrari fan, has also appeared, telling me that his dream is … Winning the World Championship with the Reds: It’s come too close.

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Is a profile like Maurizio Arrivabene enough to rebuild corporate relationships with UEFA and Eca?

“I repeat that I am not aware of what kind of operations Arefabini will conduct in Juventus, but we are not talking about the last arrival. He has been with Philip Morris for years and has established very important communication networks.”

Could his character gradually overshadow Andrea Agnelli?

“Absolutely not. They are very closely related. Agnelli has also grown, on a managerial level, with Arrivabene.”

Glossary of the Italian League: What kind of league do you expect in the next season? Inter, the defending champion, lost Antonio Conte …

“This is true, but in my opinion my role could come out more open than expected, on the contrary of this. At Inter we will see to what extent the number of staff will be reduced: in the end, if only my wise man leaves, the team will remain. Anyway complete! I am curious. Very much about Roma led by Mourinho and Napoli led by Spalletti Juventus and Alegre were on the safe side Then also pay attention to Atalanta and Lazio: the piano match with Sarri can be very competitive!

Thanks to Leonildo Turrini for the courtesy and availability shown during this interview.


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