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Tips to make the house look bigger and turn it into a small mansion without breaking the walls


It would be nice to be able to live in a giant villa or fully furnished house. Infinite spaces, dozens of rooms and so many bathrooms that we don’t know what to do with them. Everyone will happen to fantasize about the huge villas where millionaires or movie stars live. However, in reality, most people are satisfied with smaller, more practical spaces. But that doesn’t mean we don’t want extra space if possible. Even if we can’t structurally change our home, that doesn’t mean we can’t do anything at all. Using a few tricks, we can make the environment visually larger, without putting down our wallet.

Not everyone knows this, but just by playing the board of different environments, you can completely change the perspective. Many have already heard about all-white walls to visually expand rooms. just this One of the techniques to make the room more spacious. In other cases, it may be better to take advantage of another method that is widely used by architects and design experts.

The method is to create a continuous surface that goes from floor to ceiling. The best way to do this is to choose the flooring without joints, then the wooden parquet, resin floors or microcement. Perfect for living rooms, this trick can be used in different areas of the home to give the environment more depth.

Which furniture to choose for a well-groomed effect

Continuing the principle of continuity, we can choose furniture without any visible knob or knob. Even better if it’s hanging, alternate closed furniture with open furniture to create movement. An ideal solution for small kitchens or peninsulas, also choosing a contrasting color. This is to move the focal point where we want it and to make the entire environment homogeneous as in the indexes.

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We use mirrors and reflective surfaces to add depth, while also playing with lighting. An excellent idea, then, are the glass coffee tables in the living room, which almost seem to disappear into the environment. Let us just remember not to fill them with things and furnishings, or else all our purpose will vanish.

In general, even if it seems paradoxical to us, to make the room seem larger, you need a little furniture. The less furniture, the more orderly and spacious everything seems, a real luxury home.

So here are some tips to make your home look bigger without spending a lot of money. Perspective is an essential thing to play with the size of any room in the house. Not to mention the great help that furniture accessories like rugs can give us. By placing them in the right way, we will immediately get an amazing visual effect.


How to make your living room look bigger and more expensive with just two tips from our budget home catalog

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