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TikTok: The power of an app that everyone hacks, do you know how it works?

TikTok: The power of an app that everyone hacks, do you know how it works?

In recent years, Tik Tok has literally emptied out of the younger population. This is how the app everyone hacking works at the moment!

Content on TikTok – Source AdobeStock

Since before the Covid emergency, young people are turning to it tik tok To search for content that best suits their needs, but specifically during lockdown, this app can be said to have dwindled even among very different age groups.

So, up to now, there are many users who spend hours scrolling through the innovative contents of this app. Do you know how it works? Here are some tips on how to get to know this social network.

TikTok: What is the social thing everyone is talking about

So, in the past few years, the social network that has kept youngsters glued to their phones the most has been TikTok, thanks to its innovative content that has nothing to do with those offered on other social networks.

If it is really Facebook It is a more public interaction platform, where written links and opinions are shared more often than anything else. Instagram Presenting itself as a photo-sharing social network (although many things have changed since then), on TikTok it leaves an exclusive space for short video content of any kind.

TikTok Opening Man - Source AdobeStock
TikTok Opening Man – Source AdobeStock

We go from now-famous ballet performances to scenes being recited to tips, recipes and little ideas about the most disparate feelings. Obviously, what drew most attention to the former is the duration of the contents, which are very short and therefore can be enjoyed as if it were a bowl of popcorn (one by one).

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TikTok: How the Moment App Works

To register, simply download the app to your phone and register. If you are of legal age, your account will be published by default (i.e. everyone will be able to see what you share). However, obviously, as with all social networks, it is possible to make it private and ensure that only people who follow you (and who you accept) can see what you post).

It has made the app itself different from the others because it doesn’t really require any kind of knowledge; The bulletin board already offers all the popular feeds upon opening, so you just need to scroll to see what the social network wants to offer us.

It is clear, however, that the algorithm will improve with use, and by analyzing the likes you leave or the amount of time you spend on content, it will serve you videos that are increasingly relevant to your tastes.

Girl signing up for TikTok - Source AdobeStock
Girl signing up for TikTok – Source AdobeStock

Finally, we can then tell you that the real news is the answers, which can be both written and video. In fact, TikTok encourages a video question-and-answer process, with results that are often quite funny.