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TikTok creates an official ranking of the most popular videos of 2022: have you seen them all?

TikTok has firmly established itself in recent years among the most popular and used social networks in the world. The Chinese platform has managed to compete with giant companies that have already been promoting their sites for decades such as Youtube, Instagram and Facebook. But that’s not all: Western platforms were forced to develop, and they even decided to imitate their performance.

On this huge rise in popularity, hundreds of thousands of users joined TikTok in 2022 and as many new videos are added to the already very rich platform every single day. On the social network, users find not only challenges and pure entertainment but also special tips, tutorial videos, posting and much more.

Its ease and speed of use, as well as the wide variety of contents, quickly made it one of the favorite applications of new generations. Since the current year is about to end, the Chinese social network has decided to publish a list Most popular videos on TikTok in 2022, globally.

TikTok 2022: Most Popular Videos List

TikTok has divided the most popular videos into different categories, categorizing content types to make it easier for the user to “browse through” the videos. This is how we can understand the best video tutorials, the most used trends, the most appreciated creators and artists, the content creators who made the most visuals and so on.

The most unique TikTok video

These are the fan favorite videos that are becoming more and more popular. The crown in this category goes to an eponymous Korean builder ox_zung, Known for satirical “life tales” made with the “stitch” job.

@employee #stitch #이어찍기 #추천 #fyp #Widely # O Lord #korean # お す す め ♬ 오리지널 사운드 – 원정 맨 Won Jeong

The most popular tutorial in TikTok

The highest place on the podium this time goes to two users. The first is @employee, a page dedicated to the “family vlogs” of a family sharing their daily lives with a deaf father. The educational program considered is one in which a mother teaches her daughter how to attract the attention of a deaf father at the table.

@employee FYI this is a perfectly appropriate way in the deaf culture to get people’s attention at the table. # Honesty #asl #signlanguage # a prayer #tiktoktaughtme # Hahaha #deafawareness # culture ♬ I love you so – King Khan show and grill

The second user in the first place of the category is @employeeASMR channel. The video that won the first place is the video that teaches the user how to prepare corndog.

@employee Balassiselika jajan seribuan corndog mini super simple #retweet #fyp #Janissd #my longing ♬ Suara Asli – Efrita ASMR

The most popular emerging content creator on TikTok

category tag belongs to bad bunny: His account this year was full of followers and opinions, which is why he is considered the most famous of the emerging creators. He’s an out of the ordinary rapper, especially with the way he’s decided to promote his music.


si tu me lo pides yo me porto bonito 😇

♬ original sound – Bad Bunny

The most popular TikTok hit-makers

These are the most viewed accounts of all time. In this case, the name of the category winner is lizo: This American star who has become very popular thanks to her originality in the most famous trends.

@employee Taurus 🤝 Scorpio Evil Twin #SIZZO ♬ We’re twinninnn – TheMfnCityGirls.

The most popular ‘food’ videos on TikTok

This year, the most interesting recipe is grated boiled eggs. While certainly unusual, she conquered the category without a doubt.

@employee Avocado toast with grated eggs # Congrats #an egg # Hahaha #Toast #egg sandwich #breakfast #sandwich #avocado toast #avocadotostwithig #tiktokfood ♬ To the Moon – Jenner Choi and Sam Tompkins

The most famous tools and #TikTokMadeMeBuyIt

All the things you never imagined existed or needed can be found in this category. In particular, in the first place there is an unexpected olive cracker. Can it be useful to you?

@employee 🍒 Create #cherry pie Breeze preparation. our #cherry & # olive Peter is #relaxing And the # Dishwasher safe. Store link in our bio. # O Lord #kitchen tools #crissen #cooltools #gracious # crypt #gracious #summer fruit # Kitchens # olivebeat ♬ original sound – Mr Barbar

The stars break

These are the artists that have managed to grow a lot on TikTok this year. This category has more than one name, including again badbunny. Here they are for you:

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