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TikTok e Netflix bloccano i servizi in Russia

TikTok and Netflix banned in Russia

Netflix and TikTok have suspended most of their services in Russia. Ditto Visa, MasterCard and American Express.

We told you a few days ago how Russia decided to respond to the Western attack on the front Sanctions and boycotts, but also about misinformation. First of all by blocking Facebook and Twitteraccused of spreading fake news and censorship, on the other hand, over all those who are defined fact Which somehow brings Bad behavior of NATO And the Ukrainians. After that agree to a new law Which provides for fines and up to 15 years in prison For anyone who spreads false news about the Russian army and its work.

TikTok and credit card companies

Today there is a counter-reaction from many Western companies Like Netflix and TikTok, which have decided to suspend most of their services in Russia. It is possible to separate online entertainment from Western information will isolate Strengthening the state and its people, after an increasing number of multinationals cut off from Russia Financial Services Vital, from technology and from one variety of consumer products.

American credit card companies Visa, MasterCard and American ExpressLast weekend, for example, they said they would cut off their services in Russia. South Korean Samsung ElectronicsThe leading provider of smartphones and computer chips has said it will halt shipments of products to the country, joining other big tech companies such as Apple, Microsoft, Intel and Dell.

However, these measures, paradoxically, risk strengthening the pro-Putin home front even more. The Russian people have been indiscriminately hit by measures affecting the entertainment sector or the financial sector, in fact, They only harm families, who feel “discriminated” in a particular gender, end up stressing themselves more and more about their leader. I remember that Kremlin He decided to block some western social networks in the country, and agreed to new law Against those who spread false news about the work of the army, in response to what various Western countries and companies are doing.

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