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Tik Tok diet recipes under accusation: “I burned my esophagus” | The influencer confesses everything after being admitted to the emergency hospital


Influencer burned after finding diet on TikTok. (filed images)

A well-known influencer testified that she felt sick after trying a recipe on TikTok.

With summer coming up, there’s always a certain anxiety about the upcoming swimsuit test, so many people try to fix it at the last minute, relying on… Nutritional advice found on social media.

After all, the network is full. Nutritional and nutrition tips that promise amazing results In a very short time, unfortunately, these are not always reliable sources. Moreover, we must take into account that the diet found on the Internet, even if it is generally considered correct, It does not take into account a whole range of factors such as fitness, age, specific nutritional needs and personal health conditions..

In fact, follow Random weight loss diet online It can involve various risks that can also have serious repercussions on the body. According to Istat data, many diets available online are unbalanced and can lead to deficiencies of essential vitamins and minerals.

In addition to, Very low calorie diets It can slow down metabolism, cause digestive problems, or, again, cause loss of muscle mass, especially when the right amount of protein is missing. Fall into these traps of invented meal plans and Fake Miracle Recipes It’s very easy, and to raise awareness about this topic, A young influencer wanted to tell her story..

The dangers of diet recipes on Tik Tok

Danny Lotini She is a young content creator who loves sharing videos of dishes and recipes from around the world across her social channels – TikTok, Instagram and YouTube – where she is known as @lutinii. Danny recently opened up about her experience after trying the popular TikToker who distributes health and wellness recipes online: “It’s best to be careful when listening to these “health and wellness” influencers. Otherwise you might end up in the hospital like I did.“.

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The girl says that she was greatly affected by the video that Al-Nasaha published: “I started delving into his content and listening to some of his suggestions -Lontiny continues to explain- I came across one of his videos where he talked about how to do it You can aid digestion by coating oranges with cinnamon and cayenne pepper

@lutinii A reminder not to believe everything you see on the internet under any circumstances. Just because someone has a large following does not make them qualified to give advice on anything. No body is the same and no one size fits all!!!! Be careful #chronic disease #storytime #Health and wellness ♬ Monkeys Spin Monkeys – Kevin McLeod and Kevin the Monkey

Young man in hospital after trying recipe found on TikTok

According to Dani Lutini, this happened a few years ago, but she decided to talk about it now, because she realized that video therapy prescriptions would be back on the Internet again.I had to see a specialist.-Lontiny continues- I had an endoscopy and found out that I had actually burned my esophagus.“.

Lutoni did not want to mention the influencer’s name, although many of her followers were able to track her down by following the recipe and began commenting on its contents. Meanwhile, Dani, in the video that has already gone further 2.7 million usersWarn: “This makes me angry because there are millions of people who turn to it for information. For me, this was the last time I listened to a health and wellness influencer“.

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