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Nuova fase di maltempo in arrivo nelle prossime ore

Thursday/Friday thunderstorms and storms, important in the next hours, let’s see where we are at risk »


A new round of bad weather will follow in the next few hoursThe next few hours will be crucial for Italy. A new disturbance is coming, more serious than the previous one, which will strike many parts of our country Temporary Strong with risk Storms. In short, degradation is now immediate and affects two days ThursdayThat’s two Friday.

These days Italy continues to be battered by unstable ocean currents, with numerous disturbances traveling through them, two of which have already crossed the beautiful country since earlier this week. Now it reaches Italy with the first of the third series of the series the rain It is already in some corners of center and south. Bad weather will increase in next few hours. Effects until at least the full day on Friday.

there morning Meanwhile it passed under the flag Weather forecast Slowly getting worse. The first rains first occurred in Sardinia and parts of the northeast, especially in the Veneto. As the hours went by, the rain also took on a stormy character, affecting Sardinia, Triveneto and gradually southern Tuscany, Marche, Umbria, Lazio and Abruzzo in the centre. In the south, the weather maintained a dry environment with some bright spells, except for localized showers in the southeastern corner of Sicily.

But how will the weather picture develop over the next few hours?
Conditions will worsen by afternoon and evening Apart from Emilia Romagna, the rest of the north will also experience rain. Increasingly intense and widespread rain will hit much of the center and especially Tuscany, Umbria, Lazio and Sardinia, then south, Northern Calabria, along with Campania to do the lion’s share.

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Attention in the evening when the rain They can take a strong extreme character With high storm risk Tuscany, Lazio and up to the northern fields Campania.
These areas are at increased risk of inconvenience due to possible flooding and hydrological events.
phase of Severe bad weather This will continue for most of the next the night, a prelude to an even more tumultuous weekend. Sometimes heavy rains continue to hit throughout the day Friday Umbria and the whole Tyrrhenian side, from Tuscany to Lazio and Campania. Also irregular events will affect the north, Sardinia and part of Sicily.

Only from evening The first signs of progress will start from the north.
This will be the prelude to the beginning Weekend Also in the name of Progress In the northern regions and later in the center. from Sunday Decisive progressHigh pressure.
However, we will provide more details about this in our next updates.