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Three possible super-Earth planets orbiting a nearby star


Identify three possibilities Super Earth Orbiting a star Nana Arincione Relatively close to us. To sign Discoverypublished today on Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Societyled team Shweta Dalal From the University of Exeter (United Kingdom).

The three exoplanet candidates orbit the star Hd 48498, located about 55 light-years from Earth, in 7, 38 and 151 Earth days, respectively, and have minimum masses of 5 to 11 times Earth’s mass. Deserves special attention High resolution 48948 DIt is a candidate exoplanet: it is located in the habitable zone of its host star, where conditions could allow liquid water to exist. The team points out that the proximity of the star, combined with the appropriate orbit of the exoplanet, makes this system a promising target for future studies. Photography Direct high contrast and high resolution spectroscopy.

Three possible super-Earth planets orbiting a nearby star

An artist’s impression of the planetary system HD 48948, which is located at a distance of 55 light-years from Earth. It would take the Voyager 1 probe, at its current speed, nearly a million years to reach HD 48948. Credit: Soumita Samanta (

“Among those with a star similar to the Sun, this is the closest planetary system to us where there is a super-Earth in the habitable zone,” he says. Enaf media One of the authors of the study is an astronomer Luca Malavolta From the University of Padua, recalling that “the discovery is the result of years of observations made by the National Galileo Telescope (Tng) with the Harps-N spectrometer, one of the most precise exoplanet hunters in the world.”

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Thanks to Harps-N, over a decade the team was able to collect approximately 190 pieces Radial velocity measurements High precision. Radial velocity measurements, tracking the small motions of the star caused by the planets orbiting it, are crucial to these discoveries. By analyzing the spectrum of a star’s light, researchers can determine whether it is moving toward us (Turned blue(or far from us)Redshift), thus returning to the number, period of rotation, and mass of the planets present in the system. To ensure the accuracy of the discovery, the team resorted to different methodologies and comparative analyses.

In particular, these three potential giant planets — that is, planets with a mass greater than that of Earth but much less than that of the solar system’s ice giants, Uranus and Neptune — have been identified as part of the rocky planet Harps-in. “Planet Search.” This discovery now opens new possibilities for understanding planetary systems and searching for the existence of life outside the solar system.

Dalal asserts, “This discovery highlights the importance of long-term observation and advanced technologies to uncover the secrets of distant star systems.” “We are eager to continue our observations and search for other planets in the system.” The researcher concludes that identifying “a super-Earth in the habitable zone around an orange star is an exciting step forward in our search for habitable planets around solar-type stars.”

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  • Read on Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society Article “Three super-Earth candidates orbiting K-dwarf HD 48948: a new candidate for a habitable zone“, by S Dalal, F Rescigno, M Cretignier, A Anna John, FZ Majidi, L Malavolta, A Mortier, M Pinamonti, LA Buchhave, RD Haywood, A Sozzetti, X Dumusque, F Lienhard, K Rice, A Vanderburg, B Lakeland, A. Bonomo, A. Collier-Cameron, M. Damaso, L. Aver, W. Beauchaine, B. Cook, R. Cosentino, L. D. Fabrizio, D. W. Latham, M. Lopez-Morales, C. Lovis, A. F. Martinez-Fiorenzano, and M. Mayor ,B. Nicholson, F. Beebe, M. Stalburt, S. Awdry, C.A. Watson, and T.G. Wilson.
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