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From the definition of Def to the calculation of the horizontal flight of a magpie, from Constitutio de feudis to Electrophysiology.

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These are some of the 60 multiple-choice questions that thousands (65K enrolled) of aspiring clinicians had to answer today in exams to access medicine, surgery, dentistry and prosthetics.. A choice that will only allow 15,876 students – about one in four – to pursue the dream of wearing a white coat.

For this reason, protests have been organized in front of universities all over ItalyAnd the Which witnessed the climax of the sit-in of the University Students’ Union in Sapienza, Rome. “The university should be – as the organizers say – public, open and accessible to all. Bypassing the limited number is necessary and only possible with an investment plan aimed at increasing the number of faculty, classrooms and laboratories, Quality assurance of teaching.” With “good luck” from the Minister of Health, Roberto Speranza, entrance exams to medicine were taken today, the last before The fix is ​​next year, when the so-called Tolc mode, the online assessment test, will come into effect. Candidates are tested with 60 multiple-choice questions in 100 minutes. The number of questions for each topic has been reconfigured this year. The new division included 15% of the tests for Logical Reasoning, Numerical Reasoning, and the Humanities. The remaining percentage of the test is attributed to specialized subjects (Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics). Among the logical tests, an ever more recent question about the increase in the cost of electricity in 2022 also appeared. Darwin’s theory of natural selection, progesterone and aago nucleotides.

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Among the elements of popular culture are the call to indicate the meaning of Def and the question of what is the purpose of the Constitutio de feudis, or Edictum debeneis, decree issued in 1037 by Emperor Konrad II Salic. “I have been studying for three years to pass this exam,” a student said just before entering class. Tension was the common denominator of all candidates in every corner of the country. “Sleep? It was hard, I had to take melatonin,” reveals that boy while outside the university in another mob against the locked number. The protests that marked the university morning all over Italy, from Palermo to Turin. In the Sicilian capital, a banner reading “The pandemic knows nothing. Stop the entrance tests” appeared, while the Communist Youth Front fighters in Lingotto attacked politicians, accused of contributing to the “systematic dismantling” of the national health system. The director of the San Martino Infectious Disease Clinic in Genoa, Matteo Bassetti, and the undersecretary of health, Andrea Costa, also lined up against the tests. On September 14, the Ministry of University and Research will publish the anonymous result according to the poster code in the reserved area of ​​Universitaly, on September 23, each candidate will be able to present his assignment, while the candidacy ranking of merit will be known on September 29. Only then will the ambitious “White Coats” know if she has reached the beginning of her dream.

Medicine Test: Thousands in Sapienza. Students: “As we do in France”

Medicine test: fast mob in front of Sapienza vs. closed number

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