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Thousands of earthquakes, volcanic disaster feared

Thousands of earthquakes, volcanic disaster feared


For fear of imminent volcanic eruption or a fortress Earthquakepart of the island population Sao Georgein the archipelago Azoresleaving their homes, on the recommendation of the local authorities: these are mainly residents of the most vulnerable areas, such as the municipality of vilas, which has a population of 5,137 is the most populous on the island. Residents move to other areas of the island, to other islands, or decide to travel to mainland Portugal.
According to Publico, the city’s streets are already deserted.

Since Saturday, they have been recorded on the volcanic island in the Azores Archipelago 2000 earthquakeswith a strength between 1.6 and 3.3.
Earthquakes, which have not yet caused any damage, have been reported along the Manadas volcanic fissure.
According to data collected by Civisa, the Azores Volcanic Seismic Monitoring Center, and Ipma, the Portuguese Institute of Atmospheric Sea, it cannot be ruled out that a very strong earthquake or that volcanic magma may reach the surface.
Civisa raised the eruption alert level to V4 (“Real possibility of volcanic eruption”), on a scale of 5. According to experts, however, it must be borne in mind that most of the time when conditions are created for a possible surface explosion, this does not happen.

São Jorge, one of the nine islands that make up the Azores, is home to about 8,400 people and is part of the archipelago’s central group, which includes the popular tourist resorts of Faial and Pico, which is also volcanic.

On Thursday morning, President of the Azores Jose Manuel Bolero visited São Jorge and said:Everything was readyto evacuate people, adding that the government is also working to increase the number of commercial flights.

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The last eruption of the active volcanic system in São Jorge dates back to 1808.