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Those who earn three times their salary in December 2022

Those who earn three times their salary in December 2022

Christmas will be particularly “rich” for the 2.2 million employees of the public administration, most of whom (85%) are public servants included in the national negotiations. After the signing of the health contract, after the school contract is drawn up, today it is expected that the agreement will be approved for employees of regions, local authorities and chambers of commerce (total 430 thousand employees): contractual increases are added to arrears due pending renewal for a period of three years 2019/2021. Thus, in the month of the 13th, these civil servants will receive three times the salary in December 2022. The positive combination of factors that in December brought about 5 billion gross in 2.2 million public salaries as a result of a long contractual stalemate. The only excluded are employees of ministries and tax agencies: their contract was renewed for the first time last May.

The Local Jobs Staff Agreement will be signed today at Aran, the Negotiating Representation Agency for Public Administrations. As explained The sun is 24 hoursIncreases to the scale average €100.27 in total, “in a total economic impact that in government accounts rises to €117.53 thanks to the additional funds to accompany new local regulations and the release of the overtime salary frozen since 2016”. Obviously, these are average increases, because then everything depends on the economic status of the civil servant: for the lowest employee (“A1”), the increase in the basic salary is 56.1 € gross per month, while for – the economic position is called “D7” ( in the highest positions of non-executive public servants), amounting to 104.28 euros per month.

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Salary with an additional €1,200 per annum for income less than €35,000

Then there are the arrears accumulated while awaiting renewal that relate to the three-year period 2019, 2020, and 2021 (39 months in total), plus the undisclosed months of this year. “From the bill,” he explains The sun is 24 hours The contractual leave allowance recognized from April 2019 must then be deducted and then increased from July of that year as required by law. (Position B7), which has so far received a monthly total of €1,719.93, in December will credit €5,077 divided between new payroll (€1,800.7), 13th salary (equivalent to normal salary) and arrears (1,475 EUR): In practice, three times as many as normal months.

A similar mechanism relates to the employees of local authorities, 1.23 million teachers, researchers and technicians in the education and research sector, and 550 thousand health employees. In the latter case, the total increases due to the two new bonuses paid to nurses (from 62.81 to 72.79 euros per month, with arrears of between 1,381.82 and 1,601.38 euros) and other healthcare roles (from 35.46 to 41.1 euros per month, with arrears of between 780.12 and 904.2 euros) from the new contract.

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