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This time we are really afraid, Carlo is in despair

Queen Elizabeth ditched another date and a storm broke out, this is the first time this has happened in the history of her reign and there is real fear for her health.

Over the past year, many news have been published on the account Queen Elizabeth and her state of health, given that she was on several occasions forced into desertion at the last minute by sending her son Carlo in his place as Regent of the Crown.

Now, however, the situation appears to be more complicated after a gesture the Queen has carried out in recent days. This is what it is,

The Queen deserted and missed another date

The history of British politics is already going through a turbulent period after the resignation of Boris Johnson and Queen Elizabeth’s health conditionto which the utmost secrecy really applies… Secrecy is probably too much to judge what has happened recently.

As is known, the Queen Elizabeth is currently sitting at Balmoral Castlehere where she is cared for daily by her medical staff and her son Andrea who will take care of managing everything in a tangible way. Prince Charles visits regularly but without making any kind of statement On the king’s health conditions. To make everything more suspicious and serious, we find decommitment arrived in a completely unexpected way.

There is fear for the king: this is what happened

And according to what was announced by various English newspapers, it seems so Queen Elizabeth 6 September 2022 will not be present at Buckingham Palace for the awards ceremony and commissioning of the new Prime Minister The British government … for the first time since the Queen took the reins of the crown.

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Therefore, in the next few days, the Queen will appoint Liz Truss by video conference, Rishi Sunak, who is currently in the midst of her campaign to become the next successor to Boris Johnson.