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This theory explains the presence of “immortal” stars in the center of the Milky Way Galaxy


According to what scientists have recently found Stanford And based on Stockholm University There is a “strange force” that makes… everlasting Somebody Stars near the black hole of the Milky Way. But what is it exactly?

in the middle milky way Some very unique interactions occur: Prima It is represented by the presence of A Giant black hole that suck up interstellar matter and supernovae that fling less fortunate stars to the edge of the galaxy. there second It consists of an indefinite number of Stars who stay “forever young” As if they haven’t aged a day.

To explain this phenomenon, scientists used… Computer simulation It was considered the presence of abundant dark matter in the galactic nucleus, as shown in A New article It has not yet been peer-reviewed. From what can be seen from the research, the stars at the center of the galaxy appear to be able to do this Extracting energy from dark matter Ocean Which they use as “fuel” to always stay young.

As we read in the article, researchers were fascinated by the observation that stars close to the black hole in our Galaxy have a very small appearance even though they live in a region that is not suitable for the formation of new celestial bodies and show “more advanced spectroscopic properties.” stars “.

Divergent theories

Other researchers have different theories about why there are so many young stars at the center of the Milky Way. One of these states that The stars were pushed to the periphery of the core The journey led to the formation of new stars. but Isabelle Johna PhD student in astrophysical particle physics at Stockholm University and Lead author of the new studyannounced to Live sciences She and her fellow researchers want to test whether Dark matter He was The causative factor for this strange phenomenon.

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To give weight to their claims, scientists ran computer simulations from which it became clear These stars may be older than they appear. The reason for this brightness is precisely the presence of surrounding dark matter, which acts as a “continuous supply.” These stars They capture dark matter particles With their own gravitational force. these They collide with each other Releasing powerful waves of energy inside stars.

“Stars burn hydrogen in nuclear fusion,”… “The external pressure balances the internal pressure caused by gravitational forces and keeps the stars in a stable equilibrium.”

According to the authors of the research, in the near future i Advanced telescopes can confirm or deny this simulation to the computer, shedding new light on at least one of the mysteries at the heart of our galaxy. For now we have to settle for a theory that remains that way, despite being supported by simulations.


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