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This NASA image of Star Wars quotes will change your day

This NASA image of Star Wars quotes will change your day

Dust: coarse, coarse, irritating – spreading everywhereWhat?! Does this sentence mean anything to you? Then let’s try:I don’t like sand. It’s grainy, rough, irritates the skin and spreads all over the placeWell, it’s one of the quotes from Anakin Skywalker.

Just this sentenceon NASA’s official Instagram channels, made a post explaining the effect of dust in a myriad of natural contexts.

The wind blows across continents, oceans and dust It does so much more than just make the sky a veilcongesting the lungs and leaving a film on the windshield: it can affect the weather, accelerate snowmelt and Fertilizing plants on land and in the ocean. Particles from North Africa can travel thousands of miles around the world, causing phytoplankton to thrive, Nutrient seeding in the Amazon rainforest Covering some American cities with a blanket of sand that absorbs and dissipates sunlight“.

EMIT, short for Investigation of the source of the Earth’s surface mineral dustis the name of the mission that includes the imaging instrument of the same name that will use new spectroscopy technology created by NASA To reveal the functions and properties of the powder Based on the color of the latter (also The famous dead skin powder).

In the comments to the post, fans of the beloved space saga of all time were quick to point out,quotasIn response, NASA responded as follows:

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