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"This Napoli is from the final, the best football in Europe"

“This Napoli is from the final, the best football in Europe”

The German coach praises Spalletti: “He respects us as much as I respect them. They have their own style.”

Jürgen Klopp crowns Naples: “If they keep playing like this, they have a chance to enter the last Champions League. I really like what they do, nothing to say: they are the team more convenient From Europe ” Liverpool He will have to beat the Azzurri by four goals or more to take first place in Group One: “We start trying to win, then at the end we will think about the goals. After the defeat in the first leg, we get excited and when the team achieves like this. Long winning streak. You never know How will the next performance be?

The Reds aren’t having a good moment: “The 89th minute handed goal against Leeds makes me sleepy, I think about it too. When I go to the bathroom… We can’t think of solving all the problems in one match, but we are playing one by one and hopefully all the players will come back healthy after the World Cup. In my opinion it is unfair Assess me and the players now, we’ll see a final balance by the end of the season. Now we have to keep fighting.”

Klopp returns to Napoli: “I respect what he does and Spalletti respects us. I don’t think they did that copy our styleIn defense they play different football and they have energy and intensity. A team we love to watch.”