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This is why our cat turns to us, not because he loves us

This is why our cat turns to us, not because he loves us

Anyone who shares their home with cats has surely noticed a lot of strange behavior on their part. Cats are notorious for their mystery, and humans often have more difficulty interpreting the signals that cats send us than those of a cat. cane. But some behaviors have very specific meanings, and knowing how to interpret them correctly helps us establish a more authentic and deep relationship with our four-legged friend. Among cats’ most curious behaviors, there is the “butting” of their owners, especially during an intense cuddle session. Many interpret this gesture as a sign of love, but this is not exactly the case.

This is why our cat turns to us, not because he loves us

We will all notice that our cat tends to turn to us during a moment of affection, for example while we are petting or scratching her. There is no doubt that this is not aggressive behavior or bullying. But it’s not just a simple emotional gesture either. In fact, the cat seems to take its favorite humans to its head for a very specific reason. This is a way of identifying an area where a cat feels safe by letting his scent sit on top of it. This is why our cat turns to us, not because he loves us. The cat identifies a place or individual that he feels comfortable with, and rubbing his head is one way to leave a scent mark.

Bats doesn’t just do this to people, but to things too

Let’s take a closer look at how a cat behaves when it heads us. Often he does this not only with us, but also with the surrounding things. This is because the cat is actually “selecting” an area where it feels protected and safe, an area we’ve included as well.

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Cats sometimes turn on other individuals of the same species. They seem to do this to mix their own scents and thus create closer bonds in the local “colony”. This behavior can also be accompanied by rubbing of the cheeks and chin.

Basically, our cat tells us that he feels safe with us, and that he loves spending time with us. So it is a good sign and behavior that should not discourage him.


If your cat goes to the toilet outside the litter box, this is probably why.

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