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This is where the actress’ estate goes

opened in will to Gina Lollobrigida. n the assets of the millionaire are divided in two halves: one part for the son, the other for the ex-secretary and factotum. This was foreseen, also according to the dictates of the law, in the will of Gina Lollobrigida, the great actress who died in Rome in recent days at the age of 95. Today the file was opened, which would have been prepared in January 2017, which allocates half of the assets to the son of «Bersagliera», Andrea Milko Scovic and the other to Andrea Piazzolla who nevertheless announced that he wanted to donate his share. For the institution is required of the actress. “I will not take a dime. I have already said that I would like my share to be available for any of your desires. So that part of me also will be placed within the fidelity »with which he wanted to promote his activity, as the verity of “La vita in direkt” says, hoping that he would son The actress, Milko Scovic, said the same thing.” Given that Gina’s will is very clear and that she wants to leave nothing for her son, what I ask is that the mother’s will be respected and also that half of it be placed” in the fidelity.

Who is Andrea Piazzolla?

The Piazzolla is at the center of some criminal proceedings that have been brought to the attention of the judges of Piazzale Clodio after some exhibits made by the artist’s son. In the main trial, Piazzola, who has been by Lollobrigida’s side for the past 10 years, is accused of defrauding an incapacitated person because he is accused of systematically stripping the actress’s assets between 2013 and 2018. From 2021 the singer had a court-appointed support officer to protect his assets. Antonio Salvi is also on trial with Piazzolla, the man who allegedly acted as an intermediary in an auction house for the sale of about 350 lots owned by Lollo. For her part, the actress has always defended her secretary.

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During the last session before a single court judge, on January 20, Francesco Ruggiero, a cardiologist who has treated the actress in recent years, was heard as a defense witness. On more than one occasion – I mentioned in the courtroom – Mrs. Lollobrigida said to me: ‘I want to sell everything, my son must have nothing. They are trusts he gave me when I finished my various visits and sometimes he would refer to the fact that the actress’s son is away and not there to take care of her.” For his part, the son, who heard the court in March last year, talking about the relationship between his mother and Piazzolla, claimed that he had noticed “a strong change in his behavior, someone took advantage of his vulnerability – said Scovitch -. I decided to report it because my mother, having met Piazzolla “She changed, she got out of control. My mother was very careful how she spent her money, as a simple person, she wasn’t partying. All this continued until Piazzola arrived, around 2009.”

Piazzolla’s name also appears in another proceeding accusing him of stealing a luxury car from the woman and in a third relating to the sale of works of art contained within the actress’s villa on the Appian Way. According to the prosecution’s charges, Lollobrigida’s personal collaborator allegedly stole several million euros and property, including paintings and memorabilia. “Jenna has always had a high standard of living, consisting of traveling and everything related to the needs of a singer who lives in splendor” she explains in an interview with Ra1 where she insists: “The will to sell came from Jenna and not from me”. Piazzola also denies that he knew about the contents of the will: “I have always avoided talking about it.”

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