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This is the trick to deleting messages without letting them be noticed

This is the trick to deleting messages without letting them be noticed

WhatsApp is a messaging system that many now use but not everyone knows how many things can be done with this app. We tell you about it here.

One different trick for example is to delete messages from WhatsApp after the maximum time. How often do we make the mistake of sending a message addressed to one person, to another person.

WhatsAPP conversations

Fortunately, the job Delete the message and make it blank for the recipient as well. However, if we notice the error after a long time, there is a procedure, let’s see which one.

Trick to delete these WhatsApp messages

Chats and sending errors
Chats and sending errors

So when we realized, as soon as possible, that we had sent a message By mistake and we want to delete it from the chat so that the recipient doesn’t see it there is a way.

First of all, set the mobile phone air mode. Then select the item List give her Settings. The following process tells us to choose “General “ With date and time set.

One trick is to select a file The day before the real. At this point we return to the chat and That message we weren’t supposed to send, we can now delete everything.

So everything is very simple at this point Attach airplane modeLeave the phone for a few minutes to try syncing again. At this point we go to the general settings and choose the correct date.

Here we avoided bad impressions or unpleasant messages sent to the wrong person. It’s a little trick that make our social life easier by avoiding getting into really bad situations.

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We all actually use WhatsApp Even for work, there are often business conversations in which we are registered precisely because our colleagues or superiors want to communicate more easily with all of us.

So when we send a message to someone by mistake, if friendship causes problems and discussions for us, it is amplified when the message is addressed to our boss or colleagues, All this causes not only embarrassment but also problems in the workplace. Imagine if the letter was really about our boss’s bad mood, what could the result be. We are always keen on WhatsAPP!