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This is how they steal your money

This is how they steal your money

Paypal is one of the most successful companies dealing with digital payments, thanks to a very “strict” policy in terms of security, which is one of the factors that contributed to the success of this platform today which is a kind of “quality guarantee” in the making of purchases.

In fact, Paypal for several years, in addition to being a real digital wallet with a lot of “accounts” and the ability to make transfers, top-ups and much more, has served as an intermediary at the stage of purchase, which is why a seller who gets Paypal as a payment method is a priori reliable: In the event that there are difficulties with the order, in fact, Paypal reimburses the full amount paid by the buyer.

Paypal scam alert: Here’s how to steal your money

Paypal has always placed the security and transparency of transactions among the main priorities of the service: the privacy of not sharing personal data during transactions already allows to maintain a high level of security, due to which online fraud is increasingly widespread.

That is why the user is informed of each transaction through notifications and emails, as well as any unverified transaction.

deception type

The most common type of scam used in this sense is the kind that uses Paypal alert emails, which it sends automatically when a payment is made or during money transfers between two users: in the sector.

In fact, it is often these emails that exploit the concept of dl phishingAnd Any fraudulent messages disguised as regular service emails, with an internal link invited to click. Paypal warns its users like many other similar services, and invites them not to follow any internal link, which in any case leads to a page scammer, which is ready to steal user data.

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