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This is how August news works

This is how August news works

In the August aid decree, there are many new features that are all definitely positive for Italians.

As we know, Italians are amazed at the cost of living thus Strong aid is specifically expected from the bis aid decree issued in August.


Let’s see what will happen to salaries and pensions and why the 200-euro bonus has more than doubled. The government decided to intervene aggressively with salaries and pensions in the aid decree issued in August bis.

New aid for families

Indeed, it is precisely the August assistance decree that will receive a significant salary increase.


Salaries will be increased thanks to the contribution cancellation strategy. Let’s see how it works. One of the contributions has already been active on Italians’ salaries for a few months. And with the aid decree bis issued in August, another contribution will arrive. Overall, this will raise payroll increases to 184 With a salary of 2500 euros per month. The increase will be a total of 144 euros per month instead of a salary of 2,000 euros per month.

Double bonus

But there will also be great help for pensions. Indeed, at the beginning of each year the so-called formula is implemented. The equation is a pension adjustment for inflation. The adjustment next year should be especially strong Strong hypertrophy. So the government deemed it appropriate to bring parity to the fall. So basically retirees will get the equation money up front. But there is also a €200 bonus that doubles to over €400. Let’s see how it works. This news is certainly very positive but it is not related to the August decree.

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How does bonus doubling work?

In fact, a recent circular explained that The €200 petrol bonus can be doubled to over €400. So the employer can offer a petrol bonus of more than 400 euros. The state undertakes: a There is no tax on this bonus and therefore on what the worker will receive As a bonus for gasoline it will not be considered as income. So the benefit to the employee is double. On the one hand, the gasoline reward can double and continue, on the other hand However, do not consider it income. Obviously, the decree will also include the extension of bonuses on bills and reductions in production fees.