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“This is how America became the pizza capital.” New York Times Map


Pizza, good quality pizza, can be made outside of Italy, especially in America. Margherita vs Pepperoni: For us Italians it has always been an uninterrupted battlefield. Today, however, the clash between giants takes on a new dimension I am L The New York Times He mentions “How America Became the Capital of Great Pizza”. But it can actually be undermining field from Pizza? On the one hand, there is tradition History Naples, with its soft and light dough, high and honeycombed cornice, the Wood cooking And simple and authentic ingredients. On the other hand, there is American pizza, with its bold flavors and sumptuous combinations. Finally, there is a question Reflection.

A cultural icon

Tape In ItalyThe Pizza He found out America A new homeland, it has undergone transformation, leading to iconic variations like pizza. Deep dish Off Chicago or much discussed Pizza with pineapple. “Today you have to scroll and read to bring pizza to any city or place,” says Chull The New York Times Chris BiancoA very influential pizza chef AmericaOwner “Pizzeria Bianco” Since 1988. Pizza is the most successful food in America, and it’s very important 90 miles Pizzerias are undoubtedly establishing themselves as the undisputed empire of pizza in terms of numbers. Every American uses an average of 13 kg Pizza for the year, and well 93% The population eats at least once a month. The same is true for pizzerias and aspiring pizza chefs effect A huge demand for this product is driven by frequent availability Corsi, Recipe books e Video onlineThis allowed a large audience to study measurements, cooking methods, and Italian seasonings.

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Pizza Revolution

Another important factor to take into account is his Relatively low cost, both in preparation and management, makes it an easy, fast and delicious meal. Great popularity Pizza, combined with the affordability of opening a pizzeria and the ease of learning production techniques, has made it a great launching pad for aspiring chefs and entrepreneurs across America. For many, it represents an opportunity to express themselves Culinary creativity and serving pizzas to the public Unique e OriginalIt suits your taste and culture. Firewood It’s a pizzeria Mississippi with great success.

Openings like Lena’s in New York can be found in every corner of the country, citing Pizzeria Se, a neo-Neapolitan pizzeria in Los Angeles; Short & Main, a pizzeria-oyster bar in Gloucester, Massachusetts; Yellow, a Levantine bakery-pizzeria in Washington, DC; and Lincoln Wine Bar in Mount Vernon, Iowa.

If you’re looking for classic Italian pizzas, you’ll find it Margherita And this Pepperoni (From the name of Rory, one of the pizzeria’s two partners, with the slightly different name “Pepperori”). chef, Marisol DoyleIn his restaurant he aims to mix authentic heritage PizzaLearned directly with his family in Naples Mexican flavors; His pizza is a case in point.”Sonoran,” with beans and homemade roasted jalapeño salsa. However, whether American pizza can undermine the dominance of Neapolitan pizza remains to be seen. However, it has certainly won a prominent role in key discussions on the global gastronomic scene.


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