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This flight attendant was on the ground the entire flight: and the reason is poignant


A flight attendant is out of order and many do not understand why. We reveal to you what happened in this truly amazing story that we are sure will move you. It’s rare for things like this to happen and yet they do happen.

Flight attendant on the ground –

What you need to know about this Incredible story It involves a flight attendant who spent the entire flight sitting on the floor. The reason is really poignant.

The flight attendant remains on the floor

After the news of the flight attendant who lost her job and reacted in this way, we tell you aboutThe flight attendant who spent the entire flight on the ground. The photo of the flight attendant sitting on the plane floor spread around the world, making many netizens wonder the reason for this choice. You should know that this is a truly noble decision, which completely changed the fate of the flight for one person among the plane’s passengers. Anxiety has something to do with all of this.

Anxiety while flying
Anxiety while flying –

The person who feels anxious is a woman who was very afraid during her trip. The identity of the passenger in question is not known, but it is known that she was terrified by the idea of ​​boarding a plane and spending a few hours inside the car. Fortunately, the flight attendant took care to intervene, along with A A noble gesture Truly unbelievable.

Here is the reason behind it

Today we tell you a truly incredible story. We are talking about the one whose heroine is a woman who has experienced real life Panic attack while flying. The woman was on a plane that would take her directly from Charlotte Douglas International Airport in North Carolina to John Kennedy International Airport in New York. It was not the woman herself who made the story known, nor the flight attendant in question. It was the passenger directly behind the woman, Molly Simonson Lee, who shared the story and photo of the scene on social media.

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Panic attack while flying
Panic attack while flying –

The flight attendant in question is Floyd Dean Shannon, who works for Delta Airlines. Since the woman was really nervous about flying, the flight attendant turned out to be her true guardian angel. And he died on the ground beside him, Hold her handThroughout the trip, he calmed her down whenever she heard sounds that worried her. Only in this way was the woman able to relax and her journey went as smoothly as possible. The flight attendant in question was very professional and courteous, and many would love to be able to meet such friendly flight crew every time they fly.

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