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‘They’re going back to Buckingham without her’, Queen Elizabeth’s radical decision

Queen Elizabeth decided, no one expected such a strict choice. They’d go back to Buckingham Palace without her. Here’s what’s happening in the UK.

Regina Elisabetta –

there Queen Elizabeth quit talking UK Topics. The English Queen made her decision: They’d go back to Buckingham Palace without her. Unbelievable but real, never before.

Queen Elizabeth’s decision upsets her subjects

2021 was not an easy year Queen Elizabeth That faced great losses such as The passing of his beloved Philip. 2022 didn’t start in the best of ways either.

Queen Elizabeth
Regina Elisabetta –

between the pandemic still in progress and family quarrels That featured his third son, Duke Andrew of York And his favorite nephew Harry however Megan The English monarchy has given more and more sorrows, and the subjects are very worried about The emotional stability of Queen Elizabeth.

A source close to the royal family makes it known that Regina’s been mostly sad and sad lately Perhaps because of the sorrows she went through. But the bad news was not over for her. The English king was forced to make a radical decision: They returned to Buckingham Palace without her.

Buckingham Palace without a queen: The nation is in shock

there Queen Elizabeth She found herself making a drastic decision: They’d go back to Buckingham Palace without her. Sources close to the royal family announce this The English monarch will not participate, For the first time in his entire life, At spring parties, garden parties, Held every year in a wonderful area Buckingham Palace Garden.

garden parties
Garden Parties –

the reason? The ruler is not well. For some time he is accusing movement problems which does not allow it to stand for a long time. Angela LevineThe royal family expert said:

“Good decision for the Queen not to participate in the garden parties because she will be on her feet for a long time. But alas, precisely in the year of the Queen’s platinum jubilee.”

So Buckingham Palace This year he will have to deal with the most significant absence of the English monarchy but Queen Elizabeth has already thought of everything. Other members of the royal family like Carlo, Camila, Kate and William They are willing to do status for the first time.

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These are members of the English royal family They will enter Buckingham Palace without Queen Elizabeth. Nothing like this had happened before, it was the first time this had happened in the many years of the Regency.

Speaking of the Regency, the English monarchy will be meticulously celebrating in June 70 years of Queen Elizabeth’s reign. Participants hope that the Queen is in good shape to be able to celebrate this happy achievement in a big way.

Carlo, Camila, Kate and William
Carlo, Camilla, Kate and William, surrogates of the Queen –