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Complete rest in between Vatican E 10 Spanish nuns Rebellious gods Monasteries to Belorado (Borgos) and hour (Vitoria): The nuns announced that they wanted to abandon the Catholic Church in an “irreversible and unanimous” decision. The women announced that they had placed themselves under the protection of a priest who had already been excommunicated in 2019. They will also face the same fate: Deprivation It really was IssuedBut the church authorities left the door open.

Expelled nuns

The Archbishop of Burgos, Mario Isetta, issued a decree Deprivation “And the relative expulsion from the consecrated life of each of the ten sisters.”

“The declaration of excommunication is a legal procedure that the Church considers a medical procedure that stimulates reflection and personal transformation,” Isita noted in his statement. However, the Archbishop is prepared to withdraw the decree if that happens Repentance From the nuns.

Recently, in Italy, Monsignor Carlo Maria Viganò was also accused of schism for criticizing Pope Francis’ church. He replied: “I consider the charges against me an honor.”

Chocolate Sisters vs. the Vatican

Consecrated women are famous in Spain as “Chocolate Sisters” Because of the sweets they produce.

Rebel nuns from a community Clarice He sent a registered letter to Archbishop Mario Isita of Burgos informing him of the irrevocable decision Turn your back on the Catholic Church.

The nuns stressed that they do not fear deprivation because any “condemnation or legal punishment” for them is “invalid” because it “has no power over souls” and “lacks effectiveness.”

The nuns noted that their idea is a “mature, thoughtful and conscious reflection.” They added: “We separate freely and voluntarily – unanimously and with joy of spirit.” The statement was then also posted on their social channels.

On several occasions the nuns said they did not “Do not recognize the Pope” Is that “The Vatican is a farce”. They accuse Francesco to use ‘Double and confusing language’ And to contradict themselves. In short, they do not recognize him as the Vicar of Christ.

One possible signal is what initially appeared to be an openness by the Pope to the gay world, which was followed by a condemnation of gender ideology. All this happened long before the famous “gay” gaffe.

Sale blocked

In 2020, Poor Clares reached an agreement with the nearby Diocese of Vitoria to purchase the Orduña Monastery, in the Basque Country. But the process was “hindered by Rome.”

To raise money to buy the new convent, the nuns were supposed to sell the convent but the Vatican canceled the process. The nuns accused the Vatican of “putting a spanner in the works of our society.”

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Under the protection of Pablo de Rojas Sanchez Franco

The sisters placed themselves under protection and guardianship Pablo de Rojas Sanchez Franco So is he Sante Pauli Apostolic Pious Union. This religious group is not in contact with the Vatican, which considers it a sect. He was their founder Disqualified In the 2019.

Chocolate nuns Spain expelled Vatican

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