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“They want us to attack Taiwan”: What is behind Xi’s announcement?


the United State They will try in every way to do this Provokes Invade Taiwan On the one hand Chinese. This is the content of the message Xi Jinping He will personally refer it to the President of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen During a meeting between them that took place in April 2023, it appears that the Chinese President also issued a warning to his country’s internal officials, explaining that Washington wanted to do so. trick Beijing urges it to launch an attack on the island. However, Xi told his interlocutors that he would not take the bait.

Xi revealed Taiwan

The entire story was reconstructed in a long article he published Financial Timeswhich quoted sources familiar with the matter according to which the United States had tried Provokes China supply Weapons to Taiwan and take other measures to drag Beijing into a military confrontation. In fact, upon closer examination, while speaking at the Asian Society last January, Cui TiankaiThe former Chinese ambassador to Washington had stated that China “He will not fall into the trap that anyone may prepare for him“, in a veiled reference to the United States.

Xi’s alleged thoughts on the Taiwan file were revealed amid tension in China Taiwan Strait It started to rise again. Beijing recently responded to the inauguration of the newly elected president Lai Ching T – which the Chinese Communist Party described as “Dangerous separatist“, and has a history of supporting Taiwan’s independence from China and not recognizing the Beijing government’s claims to sovereignty – with admirable admiration for Military exercises All over the island.

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The alleged American plan and information from the Chinese leader

Xi also stated, again in the meeting with von der Leyen, that conflict with the United States would destroy many of China’s successes and undermine the country’s goal of achieving a series of strategic goals by 2049.

If Xi truly believes that the United States is seeking to provoke conflict with China over Taiwan, then fears that the Chinese leader has created an information vacuum or is taking advice from his subordinates are alarmingly real.said Jude Blanchett, a China expert at the think tank CSIS. “Whatever the interpretation of Xi’s comments, it is clear that the decision-making environment is the status quo Information The flow to it has been distorted, either by the Chinese president’s aides, or through his behaviorBlanchett added.

The Chinese Embassy in Washington did not comment on the report foot On Xi, but he said that the United States sells weapons to Taiwan and supports it.Separatist forces for independenceInstead, von der Leyen’s spokesman reported that he had not revealed details about the European Commission president’s private meetings. No comment from the White House.

Remember, Washington is obligated by law to assist Taiwan in providing its defense Taiwan

Law of relationshipsBut the administration of the president Joe Biden It has long maintained that it does not support Taiwan independence and that it opposes unilateral changes to the regime the current situation.


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